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Title: Development and Testing of a 2-D Transfer CCD
Authors: Smith, DR
Holland, AD
Martin, A
Burt, DJ
Eaton, T
Steward, R
Keywords: Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)
Charge Injection
Charge Transfer
Two-Dimensional Transfer CCD (2DT CCD)
Radial Velocity Spectrometer (RVS)
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Trans. Electron Devices 53(11): 2748 - 2754, Nov 2006
Abstract: This paper describes the development, operation, and characterization of charge-coupled devices (CCDs) that feature an electrode structure that allows the transfer of charge both horizontally and vertically through the image area. Such devices have been termed two-dimensional (2-D) transfer CCDs (2DT CCDs), as opposed to the conventional devices, which might be called one-dimensional transfer CCDs, but in other respects are the same as conventional CCD devices. Batches of two different 2DT CCD test devices, featuring different electrode structures but with identical clocking operation in each case, were produced and tested. The methodology of 2-D charge transfer in each of the device types is described, followed by a presentation of test results from the new CCDs. The ability of both 2DT CCD transfer electrode schemes to successfully transfer charge in both horizontal and vertical directions in the image section of the devices has been proven, opening up potential new applications for 2DT CCD use.
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