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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Non-universal scaling and dynamical feedback in generalized models of financial marketsZheng, DG; Rodgers, GJ; Hui, PM; D'Hulst, R
2010A normal paranoia? The emergence of distrust between parents of autistic children and public officialsAyios, A; Simpson, R
2014Normative DirectionsXanthaki, A; Littlechild, W
2005The North Atlantic Oscillation and UK butterfly life cycles, pigmentation, morphology, behaviour and conservationWestgarth-Smith, AR; Leroy, SAG; Collins, PEF; Roy, DB
2005The North Atlantic Oscillation and U.K. Butterfly PopulationsWestgarth-Smith, AR; Leroy, SAG; Collins, PEF
2012The North Atlantic Oscillation, climate change and the ecology of British insectsSumpter, JP; Tucker, A; Westgarth-Smith, Angus
2013“North of the border and across the channel”: Custodial legal assistance reforms in Scotland and FranceGiannoulopoulos, D
2014No sex scandals please, we're French: French attitudes towards politicians' public and private conductSarmiento-Mirwaldt, K; Allen, N; Birch, S; Müller, WC
2010No short cut in internationalisationFan, Y
2013No substantial changes in estrogen receptor and estrogen-related receptor orthologue gene transcription in Marisa cornuarietis exposed to estrogenic chemicalsBeresford, N; Granger, DW; Pounds, NA; Rand-Weaver, M; White, R, et al
2010A note on a camouflage pursuit problemRawlins, AD
1983Note on a result of Morse and BoltRawlins, A D
2010A note on control of a class of discrete-time stochastic systems with distributed delays and nonlinear disturbancesWang, Z; Liu, Y; Wei, G; Liu, X
1985A note on methods with 0(H4) and 0(H6) phase lags for periodicTwizell, E H
1985A note on phase-lag computations for multiderivative methods for second order periodic initial value problemsTwizell, E H
1989A note on polynomial diagonalization and Wiener-Hopf factorization of 2x2 matricesRawlins, A D
1991A note on the calculus of variationsRawlins, AD
1994A note on the diffraction by a semi-Infinite thick half plane, and a semi-infinite cylindrical rod with an absorbent end faceRawlins, A D
1993A note on the Euler-Maclaurin Sum formulaRawlins, A D
1980A note on the factorization of matrices occurring in Wiener-Hopf problemsRawlins, AD