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Title: Study of e+ e- ---> Lambda anti-Lambda, Lambda anti-Sigma0, Sigma0 anti-Sigma0 using initial state radiation with BABAR
Authors: Khan, A
Aubert, B
Bona, M
Boutigny, D
Karyotakis, Y
Publication Date: 2007
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review D, Vol.76, Article number 092006, Sep 2007
Abstract: We study the e+e- --> Lambda anti-Lambda gamma, Lambda anti-Sigma0 gamma, Sigma0 anti-Sigma0 gamma processes using 230 fb-1 of integrated luminosity collected by the BABAR detector at e+e- center-of-mass energy of 10.58 GeV. From the analysis of the baryon-antibaryon mass spectra the cross sections for e+e- --> Lambda anti-Lambda, Lambda anti-Sigma0, Sigma0 anti-Sigma0 are measured in the dibaryon mass range from threshold up to 3 GeV/c^2. The ratio of electric and magnetic form factors, |G_E/G_M|, is measured for e+e- --> Lambda anti-Lambda, and limits on the relative phase between Lambda form factors are obtained. We also measure the J/psi --> Lambda anti-Lambda, Sigma0 anti-Sigma0 and psi(2S) --> Lambda anti-Lambda branching fractions.
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