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Title: The art of cross-cultural branding
Authors: Fan, Y
Keywords: Brand name, global brands, translation, brand renaming, global-local paradox, China
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Thomson Australia
Citation: International Marketing by Czinkota, M,, Ronkanien, I., Sutton-Brady, C. and Beal T. p186-88
Abstract: This is a case study of global branding. It exmamines the key factors that affect the meaning of international brands in China. Global brand and local image is a paradox to be addressed. In the previous studies localising an international brand is largely viewed as a passive translation process. This study has shown that renaming can be a value-added process. It provides an opportunity to re-cast the brand in the new market, creating a unique global-local image that enhances the original’s brand equity.
ISSN: 13978-0-17-013007-3
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