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Title: A dynamics-driven approach to precision machines design for micro-manufacturing and its implementation perspectives
Authors: Huo, D
Cheng, K
Keywords: precision machines
machining dynamics
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher: Professional Engineering Publishing
Citation: Proceedings of the IMechE, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Vol. 222 No. B1, 2008, pp.1-13.
Abstract: Precision machines are essential elements in fabricating high quality micro products or micro features and directly affect the machining accuracy, repeatability and efficiency. There are a number of literatures on the design of industrial machine elements and a couple of precision machines commercially available. However, few researchers have systematically addressed the design of precision machines from the dynamics point of view. In this paper, the design issues of precision machines are presented with particular emphasis on the dynamics aspects as the major factors affecting the performance of the precision machines and machining processes. This paper begins with a brief review of the design principles of precision machines with emphasis on machining dynamics. Then design processes of precision machines are discussed, and followed by a practical modelling and simulation approaches. Two case studies are provided including the design and analysis of a fast tool servo system and a 5-axis bench-top micro-milling machine respectively. The design and analysis used in the two case studies are formulated based on the design methodology and guidelines.
ISSN: 0954-4054
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Advanced Manufacturing and Enterprise Engineering (AMEE)

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