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Title: Numerical solution of a free boundary problem by interchanging dependent and independent variables
Authors: Crank, J
Ozis, T
Publication Date: 1979
Publisher: Brunel University
Citation: Maths Technical Papers (Brunel University). Nov 1979, pp 1-8
Abstract: The classical problem of seepage of fluid through a porous dam is solved to illustrate a new approach to more general free boundary problems. The numerical method is based on the interchange of the dependent variable, representing velocity potential, with one of the independent space variables, which becomes the new variable to be computed. The need to determine the position of the whole of the free boundary in the physical plane is reduced to locating the position of the separation point on a fixed straight—line boundary in the transformed plane. An iterative algorithm approximates within each single loop both a finite-difference solution of the partial differential equation and the position of the free boundary. The separation point is located by fitting a 'parabolic tail' to the finite-difference solution.
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