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Title: Distributed monitoring and control of future power systems via grid computing
Authors: Taylor, GA
Irving, MR
Hobson, PR
Huang, C
Kyberd, P
Taylor, RJ
Keywords: Distributed energy resources; Distributed monitoring and control; Grid computing; Renewable energy sources
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting 2006. Montréal, Canada, 18-22 June 2006
Abstract: It is now widely accepted within the electrical power supply industry that future power systems operates with significantly larger numbers of small-scale highly dispersed generation units that use renewable energy sources and also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In order to operate such future power systems securely and efficiently it will be necessary to monitor and control output levels and scheduling when connecting such generation to a power system especially when it is typically embedded at the distribution level. Traditional monitoring and control technology that is currently employed at the transmission level is highly centralized and not scalable to include such significant increases in distributed and embedded generation. However, this paper proposes and demonstrates the adoption of a relatively new technology 'grid computing' that can provide both a scalable and universally adoptable solution to the problems associated with the distributed monitoring and control of future power systems.
ISBN: 1-4244-0493-2
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