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Title: Two-phase heat transfer in small passages and microfinned surfaces - Fundamentals and applications
Authors: Karayiannis, TG
Rose, J
Al-Dadah, RK
Keywords: Two-phase heat transfer
Small passages
Micro-finned surfaces
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Institute of Refrigeration
Citation: Proceeding of the Institute of Refrigeration. 2005(6) 6-1 - 6-11.
Abstract: Micro channels and internally finned tubes are increasingly being utilized in the evaporators and condensers of refrigeration systems. The adoption of such geometries in the development of micro-cooling systems is first discussed in this paper. Recent work on flow boiling heat transfer and condensation in small to micro passages as well as on microfinned surfaces is then presented. The complex effect of diameter size on flow boiling patterns and heat transfer and correlations currently available in literature are summarized. Condensation in microfinned tubes and microchannels is then discussed.
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