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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An approximate model for cancellous bone screw fixationBrown, CJ; Sinclair, RA; Day, A; Hess, B; Procter, P
2017Correlated GNSS and Temperature Measurements at 10-Minute Intervals on the Severn Suspension Bridge.Brown, CJ; Roberts, GW; Tang, X
2016Correlation of the movements of the Severn Suspension Bridge derived with GNSS with Temperature Variations.roberts, GW; tang, X; Brown, CJ
2012Deflection and frequency monitoring of the Forth Road Bridge, Scotland, by GPSRoberts, GW; Brown, CJ; Meng, X; Ogundipe, O; Atkins, C; Colford, B
2016Enhancing screw fixation in poor bone quality, an unmet clinical needProcter, P; Brown, CJ
2017Evaluation of methods to determine CTOD for SENB specimens in different strain hardening steelsBrown, CJ; Khor, WL; Moore, P; Pisarski, H
2005A finite element strategy applied to intramedullary nailing of the proximal femurSimpson, David John
2014GPS monitoring of a steel box girder viaductOgundipe, O; Roberts, GW; Brown, CJ
2016Measurement and prediction of CTOD in austenitic stainless steelBrown, CJ; Khor, WL; Moore, P; Pisarski, H; Haslett, M
2016Measurement and prediction of CTOD in austenitic stainless steelBrown, CJ; Khor, W; Moore, P; Pisarski, H; Haslett, M
2009Mechanical stress induced electrical emissions in cement based materialsKyriazopoulos, Antonios
2011Non-destructive evaluation of cement-based materials from pressure-stimulated electrical emission - Preliminary resultsKyriazopoulos, A; Anastasiadis, C; Triantis, D; Brown, CJ
2002Rectangular silos; Interaction of structure and stored bulk solidGoodey, Richard J
2016Rectangular Steel Silos: Finite Element Predictions of Filling Wall PressuresBrown, CJ; Rotter, JM; Goodey, RJ
2002Structural modelling of suspension bridges with particular reference to the humber bridgeKaruna, R
1991A study of the influence of wall flexibility on pressure in rectangular silosJarrett, Neil Dennis
2014A Tale of Five Bridges; the use of GNSS for Monitoring the Deflections of BridgesBrown, CJ; Roberts, GW; Tang; Meng, X
2015Using satellites to monitor Severn Bridge structure, UKRoberts, GW; Brown, CJ; Tang, X; Ogundipe, O
2015Variability of the pullout strength of cancellous bone screws with cement augmentationProcter, P; Bennani, P; Brown, CJ; Arnoldi, J; Pioletti, DP; Larsson, S