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15Exploration of small and medium entities' actions on sustainability practices and their implications for a greener economyAfolabi, H; Ram, R; Hussainey, K; Nandy, M; Lodh, S
9-Jul- 23Narrative tone and earnings persistenceRahman, S
20-Jul- 201Molecular droplets vs bubbles: Effect of curvature on surface tension and Tolman lengthWen, J; Dini, D; Hu, H; Smith, ER
219Harmonic overloading minimization of frequency-dependent components in harmonics polluted distribution systems using Harris Hawks optimization algorithmAbdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, A; Balci, ME; Ismail, SM
7Proactive Forwarding of High Data Rate in Smart Virtualization Networks for High-Speed TrainsYaseen, F; Al-Raweshidy, H
14Enabling by Voice. Voice Enabled Environmental Control (EC) devices using Interactive Smart Agents (ISAs)Spinelli, G; Shamim, U; Woodcock, A; Nair, A
18Development of a novel multi-agent system for residential voltage control using demand response based on customer behaviourDavarzani, S; Pisica, I; Taylor, G
1830Coals and rails: the autobiography of Anthony ErringtonErrington, A
1871The diary of John CastleCastle, J
1895A nature diary for the year 1895Baker, E
19CRISPR-Cas9 causes chromosomal instability and re-arrangements in cancer cell lines, detectable by cytogenetic methodsLewis, A
1900UntitledBrain, N
1910UntitledForsdick, S
1911My memoirs of Dr. Barnardo's homeAdnams, NI
1911UntitledAshley, J
1914A country life that has vanished: reminiscencesBurr, LE
1920UntitledBargate, D
1920My life as I remember it 1899-1920Barker, L
1930Some of my memories of and about Uley until about 1930Beeston, R
1938Autobiographical notesGoring, J