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2016Sudden cardiac death due to deficiency of the mitochondrial inorganic pyrophosphatase PPA2Hoefken, T; Kennedy, H; Haack, TB; Hartill, V; Matakovic, L; Baumgartner, ER; Potter, H; Mackay, R; Alston, CL; O'Sullivan, S; McFarland, R; Connolly, G; Gannon, C; King, R; Mead, S; Crozier, I; Chan, W; Florkowski, C; Sage, M; Alhaddad, B; Kremer, LS; Kopajtich, R; Feichtinger, RG; Sperl, W; Rodenburg, RJ; Minet, JC; Dobbie, A; Strom, TM; Meitinger, T; George, PM; Johnson, CA; Taylor, RW; Prokisch, H; Doudney, K; Mayr, JA