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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Alkali metal emissions in early stage of a pulverized-coal flame: DNS analysis of reacting layers and chemistry tabulationXia, J; Wan, KD; Vervisch, L; Domingo, P; Wang, ZH; Liu, YZ; Cen, KF
2018Characteristics of alkali species release from a burning coal/biomass blendHe, Y; Wang, Z; Xia, J; Wan, K; Whiddon, R; Cen, K
2016Combustion characteristics of a single decane/ethanol emulsion droplet and a droplet group under puffing conditionsXia, J; Shinjo, J
2015Development of a hybrid multi-scale simulation approach for spray processesZhou, L; Xia, J; Shinjo, J; Cairns, A; Cruff, L; Blaxill, H
2014Droplet/ligament modulation of local small-scale turbulence and scalar mixing in a dense fuel sprayShinjo, J; Xia, J; Umemura, A
2018Experimental understanding on the dynamics of micro-explosion and puffing in ternary emulsion dropletsAvulapati, MM; Megaritis, A; Xia, J; Ganippa, L
2018Flow boiling in vertical small to micro scale tubesAl Gaheeshi, Asseel Majed Rasheed
2018GPU accelerated linear system solvers for OpenFOAM and their application to spraysDyson, Joshua
2018Heat transfer performance of slush nitrogen in a horizontal circular pipeLi, Y; Jin, T; Wu, S; Wei, J; Xia, J; Karayiannis, TG
2018In Situ Measurements of the Release Characteristics and Catalytic Effects of Different Chemical Forms of Sodium during Combustion of Zhundong CoalLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Wan, K; Lv, Y; Xia, J; He, Y; Cen, K
2013Inert-droplet and combustion effects on turbulence in a diluted diffusion flameXia, J; Zhao, H; Megaritis, A; Luo, KH; Cairns, A; Ganippa, LC
6-Nov-2017Inhibition of sodium release from Zhundong coal via the addition of mineral additives: A combination of online multi-point LIBS and offline experimental measurementsLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Lv, Y; Wan, K; He, Y; Xia, J; Cen, K
2017Large-eddy simulation of pilot-assisted pulverized-coal combustion in a weakly turbulent JetWan, K; Xia, J; Wang, Z; Pourkashanian, M; Cen, K
2018Measurement and kinetics of elemental and atomic potassium release from a burning biomass pelletLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Xia, J; Vervisch, L; Wan, K; He, Y; Whiddon, R; Bahai, H; Cen, K
9-Dec-2016Measurement of atomic sodium release during pyrolysis and combustion of sodium-enriched Zhundong coal pelletWang, ZH; Liu, YZ; Whiddon, R; Wan, KD; He, Y; Xia, J; Cen, KF
6-Sep-2017Microexplosion and Puffing of an Emulsion Fuel DropletXia, J; Shinjo, J
-Modeling temperature distribution inside an emulsion fuel droplet under convective heating: A key to predicting microexplosion and puffingShinjo, J; Xia, J; Megaritis, A; Ganippa, LC; Cracknell, RF
2017Modelling alkali metal emissions in large-eddy simulation of a preheated pulverised-coal turbulent jet flame using tabulated chemistryXia, J; Vervisch, L; Liu, Y; Wang, Z; Cen, K
2017Modelling Alkali Metal Reacting Dynamics using Tabulated Detailed Sodium Chemistry in Large-Eddy Simulation of a Coflow-Heated Pulverised-Coal Jet FlameWan, KD; Xia, J; Vervisch, L; Wang, ZH; Cen, KF
2018Multi-point LIBS measurement and kinetics modeling of sodium release from a burning Zhundong coal particleLiu, Y; He, Y; Wang, Z; Wan, K; Xia, J; Liu, J; Cen, K