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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A self-optimised cloud radio access network for emerging 5G architecturesKhan, Muhammad
2015Simple tai chi exercise for improving elderly postural stability via complexity index analysisHuang, C-W; Chen, W-H; Chu, H-H; Jiang, BC; Abbod, M; Shieh, J-S
2016Simulation of a new proposed voltage-base self-intervention technique with increment and decrement voltage conduction method to optimize the renewable energy sources DC outputSingh, RSS; Abbod, M; Balachandran, W
2017Small cell deployment for data only transmission assisted by mobile edge computing functionalitySaadoon, R; Sakat, R; Abbod, M
2018Small cells solution for enhanced traffic handling in LTE-A networksSakat, R; Saadoon, R; Abbod, M
1-Jul-2019Special Issue on Advanced Signal Processing in Intelligent Systems for Health MonitoringAbbod, M; Shieh, J-S
2014Super depth-map rendering by converting holoscopic viewpoint to perspective projectionAlazawi, E; Abbod, M; Aggoun, A; Swash, MR; Fatah, OA; Fernandez, J
2014Supervisory Power System Stability Control using Neuro-fuzzy system and particle swarm optimization algorithmSallama, A; Abbod, M; Taylor, G
2018Synthesis of continuous whole-body motion in hexapod robot for humanitarian deminingKhudher, Dhayaa Raissan
2015A systematic credit scoring model based on heterogeneous classifier ensemblesAla'raj, M; Abbod, M
2015A systematic credit scoring model based on heterogeneous classifier ensembles.Ala'raj, M; Abbod, M
-The applicability of credit-scoring models in emerging economies: Evidence from JordanAbbod, M; Radi, M
2015WSN and RFID integration to support intelligent monitoring in smart buildings using hybrid intelligent decision support systemsAlshahrany, F; Abbod, M; Moualek, I