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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006QCD Dirac operator at nonzero chemical potential: lattice data and matrix modelAkemann, G; Wettig, T
2001QCD3 and the Replica MethodAkemann, G; Dalmazi, D; Damgaard, PH; Verbaarschot, JJM
2011A random matrix model for two-colour QCD at non-zero quark densityPhillips, Michael James
2004Ratios of characteristic polynomials in complex matrix modelsAkemann, G; Pottier, A
2010Skew-orthogonal Laguerre polynomials for chiral real asymmetric random matricesAkemann, G; Kieburg, M; Phillips, M J
2002The solution of a chiral random matrix model with complex eigenvaluesAkemann, G
2000Spectra of massive and massless QCD Dirac operators: A novel linkAkemann, G; Kanzieper, E
2001Spectra of massive QCD dirac operators from random matrix theory: All three chiral symmetry breaking patternsAkemann, G; Kanzieper, E
2005Statistics of real eigenvalues in Ginibre's Ensemble of random real matricesKanzieper, E; Akemann, G
2009Superstatistical generalisations of Wishart-Laguerre ensembles of random matricesAbul-Magd, AY; Akemann, G; Vivo, P
2005Two-colour Lattice QCD with dynamical fermions at non-zero density versus Matrix ModelsAkemann, G; Bittner, E
2010Universal correlations and power-law tails in financial covariance matricesAkemann, G; Fischmann, J; Vivo, P
1997Universal correlators for multi-arc complex matrix modelsAkemann, G
2003Universal random matrix correlations of ratios of characteristic polynomials at the spectral edgesAkemann, G; Fyodorov, YV
1996Universality of random matrices in the microscopic limit and the Dirac operator spectrumAkemann, G; Damgaard, PH; Magnea, U; Nishigaki, SM
2006Unquenched complex Dirac spectra at nonzero chemical potential: Two-colour QCD lattice data versus matrix modelAkemann, G; Bittner, E
2004Unquenched QCD dirac operator spectra at nonzero baryon chemical potentialAkemann, G; Osborn, J C; Splittorff, K; Verbaarschot, J J M
2009Wigner surmise for Hermitian and non-Hermitian Chiral random matricesAkemann, G; Bittner, E; Phillips, MJ; Shifrin, L
2001Wilson loops in N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory from random matrix theoryAkemann, G; Damgaard, PH
1993Zero curvature conditions and conformal covarianceAkemann, G; Grimm, R