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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Argon plasma treatment techniques on steel and effects on diamond-like carbon structure and delaminationJones, BJ; Anguilano, L; Ojeda, JJ
4-Mar-2021Circular waste management of electric vehicle batteries: legal and technical perspectives from the EU and the UK post BrexitMalinauskaite, J; Anguilano, L; Schmidt Rivera, X
2020Drift-filled hollows in the London basin: characteristics, origins and assessment of risk Flynn, Amy
29-Sep-2021The effect of length and inclination of carbon fiber reinforced polymer laminates on shear capacity of near-surface mounted retrofitted reinforced concrete beamsAl-Zu'bi, M; Fan, M; Al Rjoub, Y; Ashteyat, A; Al-Kheetan, MJ; Anguilano, L
2017The effects of Alumina purity, TICUSIL® braze preform thickness and post-grinding heat treatment on the microstructure, mechanical and nanomechanical properties of Alumina-to-Alumina brazed jointsKassam, Tahsin Ali
2017Evidence of Circular Economy in Roman Northern Italy: Bronze Casting TechnologyGrassi, E; Anguilano, L
2018Experimental investigation on the chemical characterisation of pyrolytic products of discarded food at temperatures up to 300ºCJouhara, H; Ahmad, D; Czajczyńska, D; Ghazal, H; Anguilano, L; Reynolds, A; Rutkowski, P; Krzyżyńska, R; Katsou, E; Simons, S; Spencer, N
19-Feb-2022Experimental Study of the Post-Fire Mechanical and Material Response of Cold-Worked Austenitic Stainless Steel Reinforcing BarRehman, F-U; Cashell, KA; Anguilano, L
2018Fibre/matrix intermetallic phase formation in novel aluminium-basalt compositesAdole, O; Barekar, N; McKay, B; Anguilano, L; Minton, T; Novytskyi, A
2017Heat pipe based municipal waste treatment unit for home energy recoveryJouhara, H; Nannou, T; Anguilano, L; Ghazal, H; Spencer, N
13-May-2020Highly conductive zinc oxide based transparent conductive oxide films prepared using RF plasma sputtering under reducing atmosphereSalimian, A; Hasnath, A; Anguilano, L; Onwukwe, U; Aminishahsavarani, A; Sachez, C; Upadhyaya, H
2022Hyperaccumulation of lead using Agrostis tenuisAnguilano, L; Onwukwe, U; Dekhli, A; Venditti, S; Aryani, D; Reynolds, A
2022Mechanical tensile testing and metallurgical investigation of the residual properties of stainless steel reinforcing bar after exposure to elevated temperaturesRehman, Fazal-ur
2016Metallurgical evidence from a late antique context in the Forum of GrumentumBison, G; Pozzan, L; Anguilano, L
20-Jul-2018Metalworking Evidence from a Late Antique Context in the Forum of GrumentumAnguilano, L; Bison, G; Haghani, S; Pozzan, L
2020Methods to re-use and recycle aluminum machining swarfAnguilano, L; Minton, T; McKay, B; Uka, J
6-Jul-2018Microstructural characteristics of a novel aluminium/basalt compositeBelloir, C; Adole, O; Houdart, H; Marras, L; Anguilano, L; Minton, T; Barekar, N; Nelson, N; Novytskyi, A; McKay, B
2017Municipal Waste Management and Waste-to-Energy in the Context of a Circular Economy and Energy Recycling in EuropeMalinauskaite, J; Jouhara, H; Czajczyńska, D; Stanchev, P; Katsou, E; Rostkowsk, P; Thorne, RJ; Colón, J; Ponsá, S; Al-Mansour, F; Anguilano, L; Krzyżyńska, R; López, IC; Vlasopoulos, A; Spencer, N
30-Jul-2017Municipal waste management systems for domestic useJouhara, H; Czajczyńska, D; Ghazal, H; Krzyżyńska, R; Anguilano, L; Reynolds, AJ; Spencer, N
4-May-2022Post-fire Structural Properties of Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Duplex Stainless Steel Reinforcing BarRehman, FU; Cashell, KA; Anguilano, L