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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Affect: a wrong turn?Beatty, A
19-Aug-2019Anger and AnthropologyBeatty, A
2014Anthropology and emotionBeatty, A
2017Bureaucracy, power, and conflict: the politics of managing a transcultural community mental healthcare clinic in the NetherlandsHerrewegh, Harold Joseph Rosa
Mar-2019The case for narrativeBeatty, A
2013Current emotion research in anthropology: Reporting the fieldBeatty, A
2006Dynamics of kinship and the uncertainties of life: Spirit cults and healing management in northern ThailandVaseenon, Tidawan
8-Jul-2019The emotional lives of othersBeatty, A
2012Kala defanged: Managing power in Java away from the centreBeatty, A
2014Place matters: behind neighbourhood linesMourão, Ana Luísa
2016Purity, embodiment and the immaterial body: An exploration of Buddhism at a Tibetan monastery in Karnataka, South IndiaClay, Gemma
10-Jun-2021The rise of affectivismDukes, D; Abrams, K; Adolphs, R; Ahmed, ME; Beatty, A; Berridge, KC; Broomhall, S; Brosch, T; Campos, JJ; Clay, Z; Clément, F; Cunningham, WA; Damasio, A; Damasio, H; D’Arms, J; Davidson, JW; de Gelder, B; Deonna, J; de Sousa, R; Ekman, P; Ellsworth, PC; Fehr, E; Fischer, A; Foolen, A; Frevert, U; Grandjean, D; Gratch, J; Greenberg, L; Greenspan, P; Gross, JJ; Halperin, E; Kappas, A; Keltner, D; Knutson, B; Konstan, D; Kret, ME; LeDoux, JE; Lerner, JS; Levenson, RW; Loewenstein, G; Manstead, ASR; Maroney, TA; Moors, A; Niedenthal, P; Parkinson, B; Pavlidis, I; Pelachaud, C; Pollak, SD; Pourtois, G; Roettger-Roessler, B; Russell, JA; Sauter, D; Scarantino, A; Scherer, KR; Stearns, P; Stets, JE; Tappolet, C; Teroni, F; Tsai, J; Turner, J; Reekum, CV; Vuilleumier, P; Wharton, T; Sander, D