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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-2020The goliath project: Towards an internationally harmonised approach for testing metabolism disrupting compoundsLegler, J; Zalko, D; Jourdan, F; Jacobs, M; Fromenty, B; Balaguer, P; Bourguet, W; Kos, VM; Nadal, A; Beausoleil, C; Cristobal, S; Remy, S; Ermler, S; Margiotta-Casaluci, L; Griffin, JL; Blumberg, B; Chesné, C; Hoffmann, S; Andersson, PL; Kamstra, JH
2015Manufacturing doubt about endocrine disrupter science - A rebuttal of industry-sponsored critical comments on the UNEP/WHO report "State of the Science of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals 2012"Bergman, Å; Becher, G; Blumberg, B; Bjerregaard, P; Bornman, R; Brandt, I; Casey, SC; Frouin, H; Giudice, LC; Heindel, JJ; Iguchi, T; Jobling, S; Kidd, KA; Kortenkamp, A; Lind, PM; Muir, D; Ochieng, R; Ropstad, E; Ross, PS; Skakkebaek, NE; Toppari, J; Vandenberg, LN; Woodruff, TJ; Zoeller, RT
2015Parma consensus statement on metabolic disruptorsHeindel, JJ; Vom Saal, FS; Blumberg, B; Bovolin, P; Calamandrei, G; Ceresini, G; Cohn, BA; Fabbri, E; Gioiosa, L; Kassotis, C; Legler, J; La Merrill, M; Rizzir, L; Machtinger, R; Mantovani, A; Mendez, MA; Montanini, L; Molteni, L; Nagel, SC; Parmigiani, S; Panzica, G; Paterlini, S; Pomatto, V; Ruzzin, J; Sartor, G; Schug, TT; Street, ME; Suvorov, A; Volpi, R; Zoeller, RT; Palanza, P
2013Science and policy on endocrine disrupters must not be mixed: a reply to a "common sense" intervention by toxicology journal editorsBergman, A; Andersson, A-M; Becher, G; van den Berg, M; Blumberg, B; Bjerregaard, P; Bornehag, C-G; Bornman, R; Brandt, I; Brian, JV; Casey, SC; Fowler, PA; Frouin, H; Giudice, LC; Iguchi, T; Hass, U; Jobling, S; Juul, A; Kidd, KA; Kortenkamp, A; Lind, M; Martin, OV; Muir, D; Ochieng, R; Olea, N; Norrgren, L; Ropstad, E; Ross, PS; Ruden, C; Scheringer, M; Skakkebaek, NE; Soder, O; Sonnenschein, C; Soto, A; Swan, S; Toppari, J; Tyler, CR; Vandenberg, LN; Vinggaard, AM; Wiberg, K; Zoeller, RT
2014Transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms underlying enhanced in vitro adipocyte differentiation by the brominated flame retardant BDE-47Kamstra, JH; Hruba, E; Blumberg, B; Janesick, A; Mandrup, S; Hamers, T; Legler, J