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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016L1 track finding for a time multiplexed triggerCieri, D; Brooke, J; Grimes, M; Newbold, D; Harder, K; Shepherd-Themistocleous, C; Tomalin, I; Vichoudis, P; Reid, I; Iles, G; Hall, G; James, T; Pesaresi, M; Rose, A; Tapper, A; Uchida, K
2-Oct-2017A novel FPGA-based track reconstruction approach for the level-1 trigger of the CMS experiment at CERNAggleton, R; Ardila-Perez, L; Ball, FA; Balzer, MN; Brooke, J; Calligaris, L; Caselle, M; Cieri, D; Clement, EJ; Hall, G; Harder, K; Hobson, PR; Iles, GM; James, T; Manolopoulos, K; Matsushita, T; Morton, AD; Newbold, D; Paramesvaran, S; Pesaresi, M; Reid, ID; Rose, AW; Sander, O; Schuh, T; Shepherd-Themistocleous, C; Shtipliyski, A; Summers, SP; Tapper, A; Tomalin, I; Uchida, K; Vichoudis, P; Weber, M