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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Nov-2020Health behaviour change considerations for weight loss and type 2 diabetes mellitus: Nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behaviourChater, AM; Smith, L; Ferrandino, L; Wyld, K; Bailey, DP
14-Aug-2019Perceived barriers and facilitators to breaking up sitting time among desk-based office workers: A qualitative investigation using the TDF and COM-BOjo, SO; Bailey, DP; Hewson, DJ; Chater, AM
19-Nov-2021Perceived influences on reducing prolonged sitting in police staff: A qualitative investigation using the Theoretical Domains Framework and COM-B modelBrierley, ML; Smith, LR; Bailey, DP; Every, SR; Staines, TA; Chater, AM
22-Jun-2021The prevalence and predictors of hypertension and the metabolic syndrome in police personnelYates, JD; Aldous, JWF; Bailey, DP; Chater, AM; Mitchell, ACS; Richards, JC
19-Jun-2020Randomised Controlled Feasibility Study of the MyHealthAvatar-Diabetes Smartphone App for Reducing Prolonged Sitting Time in Type 2 Diabetes MellitusBailey, D; Mugridge, LH; Dong, F; Zhang, X; Chater, AM
19-Mar-2021A randomised-controlled feasibility study of the REgulate your SItting Time (RESIT) intervention for reducing sitting time in individuals with Type 2 diabetes: study protocolBailey, DP; Edwardson, CL; Pappas, Y; Dong, F; Hewson, DJ; Biddle, SJH; Brierley, ML; Chater, AM
12-Apr-2022Workplace Intervention for Reducing Sitting Time in Sedentary Workers: Protocol for a Pilot Study Using the Behavior Change WheelBailey, DP; Ojo, SO; Chater, AM; Hewson, DJ