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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The impact of Saudi Arabia’s societal culture on human resource management practices within the public and private sectors: the case of Saudi Arabian airlinesAlsharif, Hattan
8-Dec-2017An innovative investigation on chip formation mechanisms in micro-milling using natural diamond and tungsten carbide toolsNiu, Z; Jiao, F; Cheng, K
2017An integrated approach to energy efficiency in automotive manufacturing systems: quantitative analysis and optimisationCheng, K; Katchasuwanmanee, K
2009An integrated framework for developing generic modular reconfigurable platforms for micro manufacturing and its implementationSun, Xizhi
3-Apr-2019Integrated modelling and analysis of micro-cutting mechanics with the precision surface generation in abrasive flow machiningShao, Y; Cheng, K
2013Internally-cooled tools and cutting temperature in contamination-free machiningFerri, C; Minton, T; Ghani, SBC; Cheng, K
2004Internet enabled modelling of extended manufacturing enterprises using the process based techniquesCheng, K; Popov, Y
23-Nov-2021Investigation into precision engineering design and development of the next-generation brake discs using Al/SiC metal matrix compositesHaley, J; Cheng, K
7-Oct-2021Investigation of a dynamics-oriented engineering approach to ultraprecision machining of freeform surfaces and its implementation perspectivesKhaghani, A; Cheng, K
2007An investigation of nanoindentation tests on the single crystal copper thin film via an AFM and MD simulationHuo, D; Liang, Y; Cheng, K
2016An investigation of surface defect formation in micro milling the 45% SiCp/Al compositeLiu, J; Cheng, K; Ding, H; Chen, S; Zhao, L
2016Investigation of the energy efficient sustainable manufacturing approach and its implementation perspectivesKatchasuwanmanee, Kanet
2020Investigation of the Smart Tooling System and Dynamics in Ultraprecision Machining of Freeform Surfaces and its Implementation PerspectiveKhaghani, Ali
2016Investigation of the timetabling-based smart energy managment system for educational buildings and its implementation perspectivesNaji Rayeni Pour, Abdolreza
2021Investigation on a multiscale sustainable manufacturing approach to production changeover complexity reduction and its implementation through smart surfaces and process optimizationMustafa, Khalid
Oct-2018Investigation on an innovative method for high-speed low-damage micro-cutting of CFRP composites with diamond dicing bladesYuan, Z; Hu, J; Wen, Q; Cheng, K; Zheng, P
2014An investigation on design and analysis of micro-structured surfaces with application to friction reductionSayad Saravi, Samira
29-Sep-2020Investigation on industrial dataspace for advanced machining workshops: enabling machining operations control with domain knowledge and application case studiesLi, P; Cheng, K; Jiang, P; Katchasuwanmanee, K
28-Mar-2018Investigation on Innovative Dynamic Cutting Force Modelling in Micro-milling and Its Experimental ValidationNiu, Z; Jiao, F; Cheng, K
2016Investigation on integration of sustainable manufacturing and mathematical programming for technology selection and capacity planningNejadi, Fahimeh