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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Financial Regulation: Are we reaching an efficient outcome?Armstrong, A; Davis, EP
2014The Future of Housing FinanceDavis, EP
2009Household debt and foreign currency borrowing in new member states of the EUBarrell, R; Davis, EP; Fic, T; Orazgani, A
2007How will ageing affect the structure of financial marketsDavis, EP
2004Is there a link between pension-fund assets and economic growth? - A cross-country studyDavis, EP; Hu, YW
2003Is there a pensions crisis in the UK?Davis, EP
2009The lender of last resort and liquidity provision: How much of a departure is the sub-prime crisis?Davis, EP
2008Liquidity, financial crises and the lender of last resort – How much of a departure is the sub-prime crisis?Davis, EP
-Macroprudential policy and financial imbalancesDavis, EP; karim, D; Noel, D
2009Macroprudential regulation: The missing policy pillarDavis, EP; Karim, D
2016Macroprudential tools transmission and modellingDavis, EP; Carreras, O
2000Multiple avenues of intermediation, corporate and financial stabilityDavis, EP
2003Panel estimation of the impact of exchange rate uncertainty on investment in the major industrial countriesByrne, JP; Davis, EP
2007Pension fund finance and sponsoring companies: Empirical evidence on theoretical hypothesesDavis, EP; Grob, S; De Haan, L
2007Pension funding, productivity, ageing and economic growthDavis, EP
2016Pension provision, care and dignity in old age, legal and economic aspectsDavis, EP; Lastra, R
2000Portfolio regulation of life insurance companies and pension fundsDavis, EP
2008Research in and policy for financial stability – What have we learnt?Davis, EP; Karim, D
2014A review of the economic theories of povertyDavis, EP
2005The role of pension funds as institutional investors in emerging marketsDavis, EP