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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Macroprudential policy and financial imbalancesDavis, EP; karim, D; Noel, D
2009Macroprudential regulation: The missing policy pillarDavis, EP; Karim, D
2016Macroprudential tools transmission and modellingDavis, EP; Carreras, O
2000Multiple avenues of intermediation, corporate and financial stabilityDavis, EP
2003Panel estimation of the impact of exchange rate uncertainty on investment in the major industrial countriesByrne, JP; Davis, EP
2007Pension fund finance and sponsoring companies: Empirical evidence on theoretical hypothesesDavis, EP; Grob, S; De Haan, L
2007Pension funding, productivity, ageing and economic growthDavis, EP
2016Pension provision, care and dignity in old age, legal and economic aspectsDavis, EP; Lastra, R
2000Portfolio regulation of life insurance companies and pension fundsDavis, EP
2008Research in and policy for financial stability – What have we learnt?Davis, EP; Karim, D
2014A review of the economic theories of povertyDavis, EP
2005The role of pension funds as institutional investors in emerging marketsDavis, EP
2005The role of pension funds as institutional investors in emerging marketsDavis, EP
2005Saving, funding and economic growthDavis, EP; Hu, YW
2005Shocks and shock absorbers: The International Propagation Of Equity Market Shocks and the design of appropriate policy responsesBarrell, R; Davis, EP
2001Some evidence on financial factors in the determination of aggregate business investmentAshworth, P; Davis, EP
2006Sources of pro-cyclicality in east Asian financial systemsCraig, RS; Davis, EP; Pascual, AG
2005Stock market integration and European Monetary UnionDavis, EP; Ioannidis, C; Spagnolo, N
2003Towards a typology for systemic financial instabilityDavis, EP