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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Recent advances on recursive filtering and sliding mode design for networked nonlinear stochastic systems: A surveyHu, J; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Gao, H
2012Reducing domestic energy consumption through inclusive interface designCombe, Nicola
2004Requirements capture for inclusive design resources and toolsDong, H; Clarkson, JP
2012A review on analysis and synthesis of nonlinear stochastic systems with randomly occurring incomplete informationDong, H; Wang, Z; Chen, X; Gao, H
2010Robust H-infinity finite-horizon control for a class of stochastic nonlinear time-varying systems subject to sensor and actuator saturationsWang, Z; Ho, DWC; Dong, H; Gao, H
2010Robust H∞ filtering for a class of nonlinear networked systems with multiple stochastic communication delays and packet dropoutsDong, H; Wang, Z; Gao, H
2011Robust H∞ filtering for markovian jump systems with randomly occurring nonlinearities and sensor saturation: The finite-horizon caseDong, H; Wang, Z; Ho, DWC; Gao, H
2010Robust H∞ fuzzy output-feedback control with multiple probabilistic delays and multiple missing measurementsDong, H; Wang, Z; Ho, DWC; Gao, H
2008Step-wedge cluster-randomised community-based trials: An application to the study of the impact of community health insuranceDe Allegri, M; Pokhrel, S; Becher, H; Dong, H; Mansmann, U; Kouyaté, B; Kynast-Wolf, G; Gbangou, A; Sanon, M; Bridger, JM; Sauerborn, R
2012Supporting people-centred design through information and empathyMcGinley, Christopher Gerard
2014A survey on distributed filtering and fault detection for sensor networksDong, H; Wang, Z; Ding, SX; Gao, H
2014Time-and event-driven communication process for networked control systems: A surveyZou, L; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Liu, Y; Gao, H
2009User characteristics: Professional vs. lay usersCifter, AS; Dong, H
2016Variance-constrained H<inf>∞</inf> control for a class of nonlinear stochastic discrete time-varying systems: The event-triggered designDong, H; Wang, Z; Shen, B; Ding, D
2010Variance-constrained H∞ filtering for a class of nonlinear time-varying systems with multiple missing measurements: The finite-horizon caseDong, H; Wang, Z; Ho, DWC; Gao, H
2013Variance-constrained multiobjective control and filtering for nonlinear stochastic systems: A surveyMa, L; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Wei, G
2011Visualising ergonomics data for designDong, H; Pei, E; Chen, H; Macredie, R