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11-Dec-2017Early to mid-Holocene spatiotemporal vegetation changes and tsunami impact in a paradigmatic coastal transitional system (Doñana National Park, southwestern Europe)Manzano, S; Carrión, JS; López-Merino, L; Ochando, J; Munuera, M; Fernández, S; González-Sampériz, P
2010Expected trends and surprises in the Lateglacial and Holocene vegetation history of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic IslandsFernández, S; González-Sampériz, P; Gil-Romera, G; Badal, E; Carrión-Marco, Y; López-Merino, L; López-Sáez, JA; Fierro, E; Burjachs, F
2016Mountain strongholds for woody angiosperms during the Late Pleistocene in SE IberiaManzano, S; Carrión, JS; López-Merino, L; González-Sampériz, P; Munuera, M; Fernández, S; Martín-Lerma, I; Gómez Ferreras, MC
2010Steppes, savannahs, forests and phytodiversity reservoirs during the Pleistocene in the Iberian PeninsulaGonzález-Sampériz, P; Leroy, SAG; Fernández, S; Carrión, JS; Fernández, S; García-Antónd, M; Gil-Garcíae, MJ; Uzquiano, P; Valero-Garcésa, B; Figueiral, I