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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Consumer credit information systems: A critical review of the literature. Too little attention paid by lawyers?Ferretti, F
2014The consumer interest and data protection under EU competition law: the case of the retail financial services sectorFerretti, F
2015Credit bureaus between risk-management, creditworthiness assessment and prudential supervisionFerretti, F
2009The 'credit scoring pandemic' and the European vaccine: Making sense of EU data protection legislationFerretti, F
2014Data protection and the legitimate interest of data controllers: much ado about nothing or the winter of rights?Ferretti, F
2010A European perspective on consumer loans and the role of credit registries: The need to reconcile data protection, risk management, efficiency, over-indebtedness, and a better prudential supervision of the financial systemFerretti, F
2012A European perspective on data processing consent through the re-conceptualization of European data protection’s looking glass after the Lisbon Treaty: Taking rights seriouslyFerretti, F
2016The foundations of EU data protection lawFerretti, F
2007A historical primer on consumer credit reporting systems: A lesson for EU policy makers?Ferretti, F
2013The inadequacy of consumer protection in the UAE: the need for reformAlGhafri, Abdulla MA
2016IntroductionFerretti, F
2019The law of commercial profilingGeorgiou, Elena A.
2006The legal standing of consumer credit reporting in the ECFerretti, F
2013Online Data Processing Consent Under EU Law: A Theoretical Framework and Empirical Evidence from the UKFerretti, F; Borghi, M; Karapapa, S
2016The over-indebted European consumers: quo vadis personal insolvency law?Ferretti, F
2016The over-indebtedness of European consumers under EU policy and lawFerretti, F; Livada, C
2006Re-thinking the regulatory environment of credit reporting: Could legislation stem privacy and discrimination concerns?Ferretti, F
2006The regulation of consumer credit information systems: A lesson from Italy?Ferretti, F
2007The regulation of consumer credit information systems: Is the EU missing a chance?Ferretti, F
2016The regulatory framework of consumer over-indebtedness in the UK, Germany, Italy, and Greece: Comparative profiles of responsible credit and personal insolvency lawFerretti, F; Salomone, R; Sutschet, H; Tsiafoutis, V