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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Discovering, creating and experiencing notions of theatricality in musical performanceEmfietzis, Grigorios
4-Jul-2019Editorial: Are you local?Fox, C
2019Editorial: Art as businessFox, C
24-Dec-2018Editorial: Repellent musicFox, C
2016Editorial: Same old?Fox, C
2002Evolutionary testing supported by slicing and transformationHarman, M; Hu, L; Hierons, RM; Fox, C; Danicic, S; Wegener, J; Sthamer, H; Baresel, A
2019An existentialist frame for singing and singing teachingClethero, Sara
2013Form and freedom: the marriage of musical systems and intuitionGotham, Nicholas
2009Four pieces of music with critical commentaryHolter, Colin Kirkland
2016From virtuoso solo to ensemble operaTafreshipour, Amir Mahyar
2011Hacking traditional instruments: approaches to sound-oriented instrumental compositionMorales Murguía, Hugo
2011The instrument in space: The embodiment of music in the machine ageWilkins, Caroline
2012New sounds and extended composition techniquesOhara, Yuko
2001Node coarsening calculi for program slicingHarman, M; Hierons, RM; Danicic, S; Howroyd, J; Laurence, MR; Fox, C
2012Open, mobile and indeterminate formsDe Bièvre, Guy
2014Opening offer or contractual obligation? On the prescriptive function of notation in music todayFox, C
2011The physicality of sound production on acoustic instrumentsWilliams, Tristan Rhys
2017A pluralistic spectrum of the mimeticFlett, Graham
2015A portfolio of compositions with commentaryMuenz, Harald
2001Pre/post conditioned slicingHarman, M; Hierons, RM; Fox, C; Danicic, S; Howroyd, J