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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Experimental investigation of gasoline – Dimethyl Ether dual fuel CAI combustion with internal EGRZhang, Haofan
15-Jul-2020Experimental study of the effect of C8 oxygenates on sooting processes in high pressure spray flamesRuiz-Rodriguez, I; Cracknell, R; Parkes, M; Megaritis, T; Ganippa, L
18-Nov-2019Experimental study on the combustion characteristics of high-pressure octanal sprayRuiz-Rodriguez, I; Cracknell, R; Parkes, M; Megaritis, T; Ganippa, L
2018Experimental understanding on the dynamics of micro-explosion and puffing in ternary emulsion dropletsAvulapati, MM; Megaritis, A; Xia, J; Ganippa, L
2013Gas phase thermometry of hot turbulent jets using laser induced phosphorescenceZhao, H; Ganippa, L
5-Sep-2020Insights on the morphology of air-assisted breakup of urea-water-solution sprays for varying surface tensionKulkarni, A; Megaritis, A; Ganippa, L
2018Investigation of diesel-ethanol and diesel-gasoline dual fuel combustion in a single cylinder optical diesel engineMirmohammadsadeghi, Mahmoudreza
2012Investigation of soot processes in an optical diesel engineMenkiel, Barbara
2019Investigation of Spray Angle Measurement TechniquesRuiz-Rodriguez, I; Pos, R; Megaritis, T; Ganippa, L
2016Issues of particulate matter emission from diesel engine and its controlAlozie, Nehemiah Sabinus Iheadindueme
2018Ramjet Compression System for a Hypersonic Air Transportation Vehicle Combined Cycle EngineVeeran, S; Pesyridis, A; Ganippa, L
25-Sep-2018Ramjet compression system for a hypersonic air transportation vehicle combined cycle engineVeeran, S; Pesyridis, A; Ganippa, L
2018Spatio-temporal Evolution of Diesel Sprays at the Early Start of InjectionPos, R; Wardle, R; Cracknell, R; Ganippa, L
2019Spray characteristics of air-assisted urea -SCR sprays of sub-atmospheric temperaturesKulkarni, A; Rohani, B; Megaritis, A; Ganippa, L
2018A Study on the Effects of Combined Diesel-Hydrogen Combustion on Diesel Engines using Experimental and Simulation TechniquesAl-Asadi, Ward