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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Understanding the Impact of Online Reviews on Customer Choice: A Probability Discounting ApproachFagerstrøm, A; Ghinea, G; Sydnes, L
2010Usability and credibility evaluation of electronic governments: users’ perspectiveHuang, Zhao
2017Usability of composing REST services on smartphonesMesfin, G; Gronli, TM; Ghinea, G; Younas, M
2012User perception of media content association in olfaction-enhanced multimediaGhinea, G; Ademoye, O
2008User perceptions of online public library cataloguesKani-Zabihi, E; Ghinea, G; Chen, SY
2004A user perspective of quality of service in m-commerceGhinea, G; Angelides, MC
2014User quality of experience of mulsemedia applicationsYuan, Z; Chen, S; Ghinea, G; Muntean, G-M
2016User-centred personalised video abstraction approach adopting SIFT featuresDarabi, K; Ghinea, G
2015User-centred video abstractionDarabi, Kaveh
2002Using geographical information systems for management of back-pain dataGhinea, G; Gill, D; Frank, AO; De Souza, LH
2014Video summarization by group scoringDarabi, K; Ghinea, G
2007Visualization of back pain data-A 3-D solutionGhinea, G; Kent, S; Chana, G; Frank, AO
2005Visualizing pain data for wheelchair users: A ubiquitous approachSerif, T; Ghinea, G
2011Web 2.0 and folksonomies in a library contextAnfinnsen, S; Ghinea, G; de Cesare, S
2015What do you wish to see? A summarization system for movies based on user preferencesKannan, R; Ghinea, G; Swaminathan, S
2012Why do commercial companies contribute to open source software?Andersen-Gott, M; Ghinea, G; Bygstad, B
2014WiBACK: A back-haul network architecture for 5G networksNiephaus, C; Aliu, OG; Kretschmer, M; Hadzic, S; Ghinea, G
2015Wireless Back-haul: a software defined network enabled wireless Back-haul network architecture for future 5G networksHadzic, S; Niephaus, C; Aliu, OG; Ghinea, G; Kretschmer, M