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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Filling polygonal holes with bicubic patchesGregory, JA; Zhou, J
1986Geometric continuity and convex combination patchesGregory, JA; Hahn, J
1991High order continuous polygonal patchesGregory, JA; Hahn, JM; Lau, VKH
1972Interpolation remainder theory from taylor expansions with non-rectangular domains of influenceBarnhill, RE; Gregory, JA
1979Interpolation to boundary on simplicesGregory, JA
1991An introduction to bivariate uniform subdivisionGregory, JA
1991Irregular C2 surface construction using bi-polynomial rectangular patchesGregory, JA; Zhou, J
1974Local mesh refinement with finite elements for elliptic problemsGregory, JA; Whiteman, JR
1988Non-uniform corner cuttingGregory, JA; Qu, R
1972On blending-function interpolationBarnhill, RE; Gregory, JA
1981A pentagonal surface patch for computer-aided geometric designGregory, JA; Charrot, P
1981Piecewise rational quadratic interpolation to monotonic dataGregory, JA; Delbourgo, R
1987Polygonal patches of high order continuityGregory, JA; Hahn, JM
1989A rational cubic spline with tensionGregory, JA; Sarfraz, M
1982Rational quadratic spline interpolation to monotonic data.Delbourgo, R; Gregory, JA
1990Recursive subdivision algorithms for curve and surface designQu, Ruibin
1972Sard kernel theorems on triangular and rectangular domains with extensions and applications to finite element error boundsBarnhill, RE; Gregory, JA
1983Shape preserving piecewise rational interpolationDelbourgo, R; Gregory, JA
1984Shape preserving piecewise rational interpolationDelbourgo, Roger
1974Smooth interpolation without twist constraintsGregory, JA