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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Ontology acquisition and exchange of evolutionary product-brokering agentsGuan, SU; Zhu, F
2005Optimization of 2-d lattice cellular automata for pseudorandom number generationQuieta, MT; Guan, SU
2004Ordered incremental training with genetic algorithmsZhu, F; Guan, SU
2005Organizing information on the next generation web - Design and implementation of a new bookmark structureGuan, SU; McMullen, P
2005Output Partitioning of Neural NetworksGuan, SU; Qi, Y; Tan, SK; Li, S
2002Parallel growing and training of neural networks using output parallelismGuan, SU; Li, SC
2007Percentage-based hybrid pattern training with neural network specific crossoverGuan, SU; Ramanathan, K
2007Permutation and sampling with maximum length CA for pseudorandom number generationWijaya, S; Tan, SK; Guan, SU
2004Pseudorandom number generation based on controllable cellular automataGuan, SU; Zhang, S
2004Pseudorandom number generation with self programmable cellular automataGuan, SU; Tan, SK
2007Recursive Percentage based Hybrid Pattern Training for Supervised LearningKiruthika, R; Guan, SU
2007Reduced Pattern Training Based on Task Decomposition using Pattern DistributorGuan, SU; Bao, C; Neo, T
2007Reduced pattern training based on task decomposition using pattern distributorGuan, SU; Bao, C; Neo, T
2002SAFE: Secure-Roaming Agents for E-commerceGuan, SU; Yang, Y
2004Secure agent data integrity shieldGuan, SU; Yang, Y
2003Self-modifiable color petri nets for modeling user manipulation and network event handlingGuan, SU; Liu, W
2007Solution framework for open communication with self-modifying protocolsGuan, SU; Jiang, Z; Yao, W
2004Task decomposition using pattern distributorGuan, SU; Neo, T; Bao, C
2007A transformation sequencing approach to pseudorandom number generationTan, SK; Guan, SU