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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Feb-2022The Einstein effect provides global evidence for scientific source credibility effects and the influence of religiosityHoogeveen, S; Haaf, JM; Bulbulia, JA; Ross, RM; McKay, R; Altay, S; Bendixen, T; Berniƫnas, R; Cheshin, A; Gentili, C; Georgescu, R; Gervais, WM; Hagel, K; Kavanagh, C; Levy, N; Neely, A; Qiu, L; Rabelo, A; Ramsay, JE; Rutjens, BT; Turpin, H; Uzarevic, F; Wuyts, R; Xygalatas, D; van Elk, M
23-Sep-2020Navigating cross-cultural research: methodological and ethical considerationsBroesch, T; Crittenden, AN; Beheim, BA; Blackwell, AD; Bunce, JA; Colleran, H; Hagel, K; Kline, M; McElreath, R; Nelson, RG; Pisor, AC; Prall, S; Pretelli, I; Purzycki, B; Quinn, EA; Ross, C; Scelza, B; Starkweather, K; Stieglitz, J; Mulder, MB