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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016In situ synchrotron radiation diffraction investigation of the compression behaviour at 350 °C of ZK40 alloys with addition of CaO and YBuzolin, RH; Mendis, CL; Tolnai, D; Stark, A; Schell, N; Pinto, H; Kainer, KU; Hort, N
2016Microstructure evolution of Mg-11Gd-4.5Y-1Nd-1.5Zn-0.5Zr (wt%) alloy during deformation and its effect on strengtheningYu, Z; Huang, Y; Gan, W; Mendis, CL; Zhong, Z; Brokmeier, HG; Hort, N; Meng, J
2016Thermodynamic description of reactions between Mg and CaOSchmid-Fetzer, R; Kozlov, A; Wiese, B; Mendis, CL; Tolnai, D; Kainer, KU; Hort, N