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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2021Identifying the lack of energy-conscious behaviour in clinical and non-clinical settings: An nhs case studyTaha, A; Hopthrow, T; Wu, R; Adams, N; Brown, J; Zoha, A; Abbasi, QH; Imran, MA; Krabicka, J
22-Jun-2023Intelligent Resource Management for eMBB and URLLC in 5G and beyond Wireless NetworksSohaib, RM; Onireti, O; Sambo, Y; Swash, R; Ansari, S; Imran, MA
2-Mar-2022Smart and Secure CAV Networks Empowered by AI-Enabled Blockchain: The Next Frontier for Intelligent Safe Driving AssessmentXia, L; Sun, Y; Swash, R; Mohjazi, L; Zhang, L; Imran, MA