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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Potentials of pyrolysis processes in the waste management sectorJouhara, H; Nannou, T; Anguilano, L; Krzyżyńska, R; Ghazal, H; Spencer, N
3-Jul-2018Products’ composition of food waste low-temperature slow pyrolysisCzajczyńska, D; Ahmad, D; Krzyżyńska, R; Jouhara, H; Rutkowski, P
2017Pyrolysis of domestic based feedstock at temperatures up to 300°CJouhara, H; Ahmad, D; van den Boogaert, I; Katsou, E; Simons, S; Spencer, N
2019Removal of copper ions from aqueous solution using low temperature biochar derived from the pyrolysis of municipal solid wasteHoslett, J; Ghazal, H; Ahmad, D; Jouhara, H
2020Removal of methylene blue from aqueous solutions by biochar prepared from the pyrolysis of mixed municipal discarded materialHoslett, J; Ghazal, H; Mohamad, N; Jouhara, H
17-Aug-2020The removal of tetracycline from water using biochar produced from agricultural discarded materialHoslett, J; Ghazal, H; Katsou, E; Jouhara, H
15-Nov-2020Renewables for district heating: The case of LithuaniaJonynas, R; Puida, E; Poskas, R; Paukstaitis, L; Jouhara, H; Gudzinskas, J; Miliauskas, G; Lukosevicius, V
8-May-2024A review of compressors for high temperature heat pumpsEl Samad, T; Żabnieńska-Góra, A; Jouhara, H; Sayma, AI
13-Sep-2020Review of ventilation strategies to reduce the risk of disease transmission in high occupancy buildingsLipinski, T; Ahmad, D; Serey, N; Jouhara, H
7-Nov-2018A review on waste heat recovery from exhaust in the ceramics industryDelpech, B; Axcell, B; Jouhara, H
2021Supercritical carbon dioxide power cycles for waste heat recovery applicationsMarchionni, Matteo
2018Surface water filtration using granular media and membranes: A reviewHoslett, J; Massara, T; Malamis, S; Ahmad, D; Den Boogaert, IV; Katsou, E; Ahmad, B; Ghazal, H; Simons, S; Wrobel, L; Jouhara, H
8-Feb-2021Techno-economic assessment of a rotary kiln shell radiation waste heat recovery systemFierro, JJ; Nieto-Londoño, C; Escudero-Atehortua, A; Giraldo, M; Jouhara, H; Wrobel, LC
23-Feb-2024Techno-economic feasibility study of coupling low-temperature evaporation desalination plant with advanced pressurized water reactorAlkhalidi, A; Almomani, B; Olabi, AG; Jouhara, H
2017Temperature and energy performance of open refrigerated display cabinets using heat pipe shelvesJouhara, H; Nannou, T; Ghazal, H; Kayyali, R; Tassou, S; Lester, S
20-Dec-2022Thermal efficiency and specific work optimization of combined Brayton and inverse Brayton cycle: A multi-objective approachPrajapati, P; Patel, V; Raja, BD; Jouhara, H
20-Jan-2024Thermodynamic evaluation of shell and tube heat exchanger through advanced exergy analysisPrajapati, P; Raja, BD; Savaliya, H; Patel, V; Jouhara, H
7-Jan-2021Thermoelectric generator (TEG) technologies and applicationsJouhara, H; Żabnieńska-Góra, A; Khordehgah, N; Doraghi, Q; Ahmad, L; Norman, L; Axcell, B; Wrobel, L; Dai, S
2016Three-dimensional CFD simulation of Geyser boiling in a two-phase closed thermosyphonJouhara, H; Fadhl, B; Wrobel, L
2015Three-dimensional numerical model of heat losses from district heating network pre-insulated pipes buried in the groundDanielewicz, J; Śniechowska, B; Sayegh, MA; Fidorów, N; Jouhara, H