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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Nov-2018A review on waste heat recovery from exhaust in the ceramics industryDelpech, B; Axcell, B; Jouhara, H
2021Supercritical carbon dioxide power cycles for waste heat recovery applicationsMarchionni, Matteo
2018Surface water filtration using granular media and membranes: A reviewHoslett, J; Massara, T; Malamis, S; Ahmad, D; Den Boogaert, IV; Katsou, E; Ahmad, B; Ghazal, H; Simons, S; Wrobel, L; Jouhara, H
8-Feb-2021Techno-economic assessment of a rotary kiln shell radiation waste heat recovery systemFierro, JJ; Nieto-Londoño, C; Escudero-Atehortua, A; Giraldo, M; Jouhara, H; Wrobel, LC
23-Feb-2024Techno-economic feasibility study of coupling low-temperature evaporation desalination plant with advanced pressurized water reactorAlkhalidi, A; Almomani, B; Olabi, AG; Jouhara, H
2017Temperature and energy performance of open refrigerated display cabinets using heat pipe shelvesJouhara, H; Nannou, T; Ghazal, H; Kayyali, R; Tassou, S; Lester, S
20-Dec-2022Thermal efficiency and specific work optimization of combined Brayton and inverse Brayton cycle: A multi-objective approachPrajapati, P; Patel, V; Raja, BD; Jouhara, H
20-Jan-2024Thermodynamic evaluation of shell and tube heat exchanger through advanced exergy analysisPrajapati, P; Raja, BD; Savaliya, H; Patel, V; Jouhara, H
7-Jan-2021Thermoelectric generator (TEG) technologies and applicationsJouhara, H; Żabnieńska-Góra, A; Khordehgah, N; Doraghi, Q; Ahmad, L; Norman, L; Axcell, B; Wrobel, L; Dai, S
2016Three-dimensional CFD simulation of Geyser boiling in a two-phase closed thermosyphonJouhara, H; Fadhl, B; Wrobel, L
2015Three-dimensional numerical model of heat losses from district heating network pre-insulated pipes buried in the groundDanielewicz, J; Śniechowska, B; Sayegh, MA; Fidorów, N; Jouhara, H
2021Towards the production of adsorbents from mixed domestic discarded materials using heat pipe pyrolysisHoslett, John Joseph
2022Transient modelling of heat pipe heat exchangers with vertical thermosyphons for the purpose of waste heat recovery from industrial exhaust gasesBrough, Daniel J.
2016Trends of European research and development in district heating technologiesSayegh, MA; Danielewicz, J; Nannou, T; Miniewicz, M; Jadwiszczak, P; Piekarska, K; Jouhara, H
27-Feb-2019The Trilemma of Waste-to-Energy: a multi-purpose solutionMalinauskaite, J; Jouhara, H
2017Two-phase chamber modeling of a twin-screw expander for Trilateral Flash Cycle applicationsBianchi, G; Kennedy, S; Zaher, O; Tassou, S; Miller, J; Jouhara, H
2022Two-phase heat transfer in multi-channel flat heat pipesGuichet, Valentin Patrick Pascal
19-Mar-2022Ultra-stable silica/exfoliated graphite encapsulated n-hexacosane phase change nanocomposite: A promising material for thermal energy storage applicationsKhanna, S; Paneliya, S; Prajapati, P; Mukhopadhyay, I; Jouhara, H
4-Jul-2022Ultrasonic Technique for Measuring the Mean Flow Velocity behind a Throttle: A Metrological AnalysisAlsaqoor, S; Alahmer, A; Andruszkiewicz, A; Piechota, P; Synowiec, P; Beithu, N; Wędrychowicz, W; Wróblewska, E; Jouhara, H
2017Use of pyrolytic gas from waste tire as a fuel: A reviewJouhara, H; Czajczyńska1, D; Krzyżyńska, R; Spencer, N