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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Sep-2021Heat pipe based battery thermal management: Evaluating the potential of two novel battery pack integrationsJouhara, H; Delpech, B; Bennett, R; Chauhan, A; Khordehgah, N; Serey, N; Lester, SP
2017Heat pipe based municipal waste treatment unit for home energy recoveryJouhara, H; Nannou, T; Anguilano, L; Ghazal, H; Spencer, N
2017Heat Pipe Based Systems - Advances and ApplicationsJouhara, H; Chauhan, A; Nannou, T; Almahmoud, S; Delpech, B; Wrobel, L
2014Heat pipe based thermal management systems for energy-efficient data centresJouhara, H; Meskimmon, R
2017Heat pump placement, connection and operational modes in European district heatingJadwiszczak, P; Axcel, BP; Niemierka, E; Bryś, K; Jouhara, H
13-Sep-2020Heat recovery at high temperature by molten salts for high temperature processing industriesGibbs, A; Robinson, BW; Rougé, S; Jouhara, H; Asaduzzaman, AKM; Chowdhury, M; Kjellgren, P; Martí, AM; Pardelli, PT; Ciuffi, N
2018Hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials and their applicationsAhmad, D; Van den Boogaert, I; Miller, J; Presswell, R; Jouhara, H
27-Apr-2023Hydrothermal carbonisation of sewage sludge and resulting biofuels as a sustainable energy sourceKossińska, N; Krzyżyńska, R; Ghazal, H; Jouhara, H
29-Apr-2023The impact of phase change material on photovoltaic thermal (PVT) systems: A numerical studAlsaqoor, S; Alqatamin, A; Alahmer, A; Nan, Z; Al-Husban, Y; Jouhara, H
2018Industrial waste heat recoveryJouhara, H; Olabi, A
18-May-2022Insights into current physical, chemical and hybrid technologies used for the treatment of wastewater contaminated with pharmaceuticalsGhazal, H; Koumaki, E; Hoslett, J; Malamis, S; Katsou, E; Barcelo, D; Jouhara, H
15-Feb-2023Investigating the thermal properties of n-hexacosane/graphene composite: A highly stable nanocomposite material for energy storage applicationKhanna, S; Paneliya, S; Prajapati, P; Chaudhari, R; Vora, J; Jouhara, H
4-Aug-2021Investigation and computational modelling of variable teg leg geometriesDoraghi, Q; Khordehgah, N; Żabnieńska-Góra, A; Ahmad, L; Norman, L; Ahmad, D; Jouhara, H
2016An Investigation into the Use of the Heat Pipe Technology in Thermal Energy Storage Heat ExchangersJouhara, H; Amini, A; Miller, J
2018An Investigation into the use of Water as a Working Fluid in Wraparound Loop Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger for Applications in Energy Efficient HVAC Systems EnergyJouhara, H; Meskimmon, R
2018Investigation of characteristics of solid particles from a mixture of sewage sludge and wood pellets synthetic gas and their clean-upPoskas, R; Sirvydas, A; Jouhara, H; Poskas, P
2019Investigation of complex mass and heat transfer transitional processes of dispersed water droplets in wet gas flow in the framework of heat utilization technologies for biofuel combustion and flue gas removal EnergyMiliauskas, G; Maziukienė, H; Jouhara, H; Poškas, R
19-Dec-2023Investigation of effect of cooling water characteristics on flue gas condensation along vertical tube heat exchangerPoškas, R; Sirvydas, A; Mingilaitė, L; Poškas, P; Jouhara, H
2016Investigation of the effects of thermal, oxidative and irradiation treatments on the behavior of poly(ethylene glycol) as a phase change material in thermal energy storage systemsJouhara, H; Ajji, Z
21-Nov-2017Investigation of warm gas clean-up of biofuel flue and producer gas using electrostatic precipitatorPoškas, R; Sirvydas, A; Poškas, P; Jouhara, H; Striūgas, N; Pedišius, N; Valinčius, V