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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis and simulation of continuous food frying processesWu, H; Tassou, SA; Karayiannis, TG; Jouhara, H
2010Analysis of energy use in crisp frying processesWu, H; Jouhara, H; Tassou, SA; Karayiannis, TG
2007Boiling two-phase pressure drop in small diameter tubesHuo, X; Shiferaw, D; Karayiannis, TG; Tian, YS; Kenning, DBR
7-Apr-2022Bubble Growth in Saturated Pool Boiling of Water on a Smooth SurfaceMahmoud, MM; Karayiannis, TG
2014Challenges and possibilities in cooling electronics equipmentKarayiannis, TG; Pike Wilson, EA; Chen, L; Mahmoud, M; Tian, Y
2006Colour in visualisation for computational fluid dynamicsKinnear, D; Atherton, MA; Collins, MW; Dokhan, J; Karayiannis, TG
2012Combined effect of electric field and surface modification on pool boiling of R-123Ahmad, Syed Waqas
2006A comparison with the three-zone model for flow boiling heat transfer in small diameter tubesShiferaw, D; Karayiannis, TG; Kenning, DBR
2011Compound effect of EHD and surface roughness in pool boiling and CHF with R-123Ahmad, SW; Karayiannis, TG; Kenning, DBR; Luke, A
2011Compound effect of EHD and surface roughness in pool boiling and CHF with R-123Ahmad, SW; Karayiannis, TG; Kenning, DBR; Luke, A
24-Jun-2019Compressible Fanno flows in micro-channels: an enhanced 1quasi-2D Fanno-based numerical modelCavazzuti, M; Corticelli, MA; Karayiannis, TG
20-Dec-2019Compressible Fanno flows in micro-channels: An enhanced quasi-2D numerical model for turbulent flowsCavazzuti, M; Corticelli, MA; Karayiannis, TG
2013The cost of Legionellosis and technical ways forwardCossali, G; Ratcliffe, MS; Routledge, EJ; Karayiannis, TG; Fielder, JE
2014Design of a thermoacoustic heat engine for low temperature waste heat recovery in food manufacturing: A thermoacoustic device for heat recoveryMumith, J-A; Makatsoris, C; Karayiannis, TG
2009Design optimisation of air-fed full pressurised suitsEdwards, P; Tesch, K; Karayiannis, TG; Collins, MW; Atherton, MA; Young, P; Large, M; Brade, R
2009Determining heat transfer coefficients using evolutionary algorithmsTesch, K; Atherton, MA; Karayiannis, TG; Collins, MW; Edwards, P
23-Oct-2020Effect of Aspect Ratio on Flow Boiling Characteristics in MicrochannelsAl-Zaidi, AH; Mahmoud, MM; Karayiannis, TG
14-Apr-2019The Effect of Coating on Flow Boiling Heat Transfer Rates in Plate Heat ExchangersGhorbani Tari, Z; Coletti, F; Reip, A; Karayiannis, TG
2017Effect of hydraulic diameter and aspect ratio on single phase flow and heat transfer in a rectangular microchannelSahar, AM; Wissink, J; Mahmoud, MM; Karayiannis, TG; Ashrul Ishak, MS
8-Sep-2019Effect of inlet sub-cooling on flow boiling behaviour of HFE-7200 in a microchannel heat sinkLee, VYS; Henderson, G; Karayiannis, TG