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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jun-2016Replication and characterization of association between ABO SNPs and red blood cell traits by meta-analysis in EuropeansMcLachlan, S; Giambartolomei, C; White, J; Charoen, P; Wong, A; Finan, C; Engmann, J; Shah, T; Hersch, M; Podmore, C; Cavadino, A; Jefferis, BJ; Dale, CE; Hypponen, E; Morris, RW; Casas, JP; Kumari, M; Ben-Shlomo, Y; Gaunt, TR; Drenos, F; Langenberg, C; Kuh, D; Kivimaki, M; Rueedi, R; Waeber, G; Hingorani, AD; Price, JF; Walker, AP; Cooper, J; Day, IN; De Silva, M; Dudbridge, F; Fatemifar, G; Garfield, V; Humphries, SE; Lawlor, DA; Davies, TL; Plagnol, V; Power, C; Shah, S; Sofat, R; Swerdlow, DI; Talmud, PJ; Whincup, P; Whittaker, JC; Zabaneh, D
2016Variant rs10911021 that associates with coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetes, is associated with lower concentrations of circulating HDL cholesterol and large HDL particles but not with amino acidsBeaney, KE; Cooper, JA; McLachlan, S; Wannamethee, SG; Jefferis, BJ; Whincup, P; Ben-Shlomo, Y; Price, JF; Kumari, M; Wong, A; Ong, K; Hardy, R; Kuh, D; Kivimaki, M; Kangas, AJ; Soininen, P; Ala-Korpela, M; Drenos, F; Humphries, SE