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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2022IEEE P2668 Compatible Evaluation Strategy for Smart Battery Management SystemsWang, H; Tsang, KF; Wu, CK; Wei, Y; Liu, Y; Lai, CS
29-Oct-2020The Impact of Plug-in Electric Vehicles on Distribution NetworkFeng, K; Zhong, Y; Hong, B; Wu, X; Lai, CS; Bai, C
5-Jan-2023An Improved Hydraulic Energy Storage Wave Power-Generation System Based on QPR ControlLiu, Z; Huang, W; Liu, S; Wu, X; Lai, CS; Yang, Y
29-Dec-2021An Innovative Coalitional Trading Model for a Biomass Power Plant Paired with Green Energy ResourcesKhaloie, H; Toubeau, J-F; Vallee, F; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
16-Jan-2024An Innovative Multi-Objective Rescheduling System for Mitigating Pandemic Spread in Aviation NetworksYuan, Y; Wang, Y; Jiang, X; Lai, CS
5-Aug-2022The integrated modeling of microgrid cyber physical system based on hybrid automatonLi, P; Zhang, F; Yang, Y; Ma, X; Yao, S; Yang, P; Zhao, Z; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
8-Jul-2022Integration of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Artificial Neural Network for Optimization Design of Battery Thermal Management SystemLi, A; Yuen, ACY; Wang, W; Chen, TBY; Lai, CS; Yang, W; Wu, W; Chan, QN; Kook, S; Yeoh, GH
28-Nov-2019Interactive energy management for networked microgrids with risk aversionWang, D; Wu, R; Lai, CS; Li, X; Wu, X; Wei, J; Xu, Y; Lai, LL
8-Sep-2014Investigation on July 2012 Indian blackoutLai, LL; Zhang, HT; Lai, CS; Xu, FY; Mishra, S
18-Nov-2012Lessons learned from July 2012 Indian blackoutLai, LL; Zhang, HT; Mishra, S; Ramasubramanian, D; Lai, CS; Xu, FY
1-Feb-2019Levelized cost of electricity considering electrochemical energy storage cycle-life degradationsLai, CS; Locatelli, G; Pimm, A; Li, X; Lai, LL
10-Oct-2017Levelized cost of electricity for photovoltaic/biogas power plant hybrid system with electrical energy storage degradation costsLai, CS; Jia, Y; Xu, Z; Lai, LL; Li, X; Cao, J; McCulloch, MD
5-Jan-2017Levelized cost of electricity for solar photovoltaic and electrical energy storageLai, CS; McCulloch, MD
2016Levelized Cost of Energy for PV and Grid Scale Energy Storage SystemsLai, CS; McCulloch, MD
11-Jun-2022Line Outage Distribution Factors of a Linearized AC model with Reactive Power and Voltage Magnitude for Resilience-Constrained Economic DispatchHuang, Z; Huang, L; Lai, CS; Jia, Y; Zhao, Z; Li, X; Lai, LL
27-Sep-2018Load Forecasting based on Deep Long Short-term Memory with Consideration of Costing Correlated FactorHuang, B; Wu, D; Lai, CS; Cun, X; Yuan, H; Xu, F; Lai, LL; Tsang, KF
24-Aug-2020Load forecasting based on deep neural network and historical data augmentationLai, CS; Mo, Z; Wang, T; Yuan, H; Ng, WWY; Lai, LL
29-Oct-2020LP-INDEX: Explore the Best Practice of LPWAN Technologies in Smart CityWang, H; Liu, Y; Wei, Y; He, Y; Tsang, KF; Lai, LL; Lai, CS
24-Mar-2021Maximal Information Coefficient Based Residential Photovoltaic Power Generation DisaggregationChen, Z; Pan, K; Lai, CS; Li, Z; Zhao, Z; Lai, LL
25-Jul-2023MDGN: Circuit design of memristor-based denoising autoencoder and gated recurrent unit network for lithium-ion battery state of charge estimationWang, J; Zhang, X; Han, Y; Lai, CS; Dong, Z; Ma, G; Gao, M