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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Dec-2018Resilience-Constrained Economic Dispatch for Blackout PreventionHuang, L; Cun, X; Wang, Y; Lai, CS; Lai, LL; Tang, J; Zhong, B
17-Aug-2020A review of technical standards for smart citiesLai, CS; Jia, Y; Dong, Z; Wang, D; Tao, Y; Lai, QH; Wong, RTK; Zobaa, AF; Wu, R; Lai, LL
23-Sep-2020A review on long-term electrical power system modeling with energy storageLai, CS; Locatelli, G; Pimm, A; Wu, X; Lai, LL
25-Apr-2021A Review on Thermal Energy Modelling for Optimal Microgrids ManagementYan, M; Wang, D; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
16-Apr-2020Revisit Neural Network based Load ForecastingTao, Y; Zhao, F; Yuan, H; Lai, CS; Xu, Z; Ng, W; Li, R; Li, X; Lai, LL
15-Feb-2023Risk-Aware Battery Bidding with a Novel Benchmark Selection Under Second-Order Stochastic DominanceKhaloie, H; Faraji, J; Vallee, F; Lai, CS; Toubeau, J-F; Lai, LL
1-Jan-2019A robust correlation analysis framework for imbalanced and dichotomous data with uncertaintyLai, CS; Tao, Y; Xu, F; Ng, WWY; Jia, Y; Yuan, H; Huang, C; Lai, LL; Xu, Z; Locatelli, G
6-May-2022Robust N-k security-constrained optimal power flow incorporating preventive and corrective generation dispatch to improve power system reliabilityHuang, L; Lai, CS; Zhao, Z; Yang, G; Zhong, B; Lai, LL
10-Sep-2022Scalability and Reliability Analysis of a Novel Cloud Platform for TSO-DSO Information and Data ExchangeAmjad, M; Taylor, G; Lai, CS; Huang, Z; Li, M
11-May-2022Semi AI-based protection element for MMC-MTDC using local-measurementsTong, N; Tang, Z; Wang, Y; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
2012Short-term hydro-thermal scheduling with artificial bee colonyShaik, S; Xu, FY; Lai, CS; Sinha, N; Lai, LL
27-Jul-2022A Short-Term Photovoltaic Power Forecasting Method Combining a Deep Learning Model with Trend Feature Extraction and Feature SelectionWu, K; Peng, X; Li, Z; Cui, W; Yuan, H; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
14-Sep-2022Short-Term Wind Power Prediction Based on Data Decomposition and Combined Deep Neural NetworkWu, X; Jiang, S; Lai, CS; Zhao, Z; Lai, LL
7-Nov-2016Sizing of Stand-Alone Solar PV and Storage System with Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Power PlantsLai, CS; McCulloch, MD
-Smart coordination of virtual energy storage systems for distribution network managementWang, D; Lai, CS; Li, X; Wu, R; Gao, X; Lai, LL; Wu, X; Xu, Y; Wen, Y; Vaccaro, A
4-Dec-2014Smart grid and renewable for energy security in ChinaLai, LL; Lai, CS
16-Mar-2021Special Issue on Recent Advances for Intelligence in Power and Energy SystemsKumar, R; Strasser, TI; Deconinck, G; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
1-Feb-2018A Spectral Approach for the Efficient Identification of Power Transmission Network Uncontrolled SeparationJia, Y; Lai, CS; Xu, Z
24-Nov-2023State-of-Health Estimation of Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Constant Voltage Charging DurationChen, J; Chen, D; Han, X; Li, Z; Zhang, W; Lai, CS
4-May-2021A stochastic sensitivity-based multi-objective optimization method for short-term wind speed interval predictionChen, X; Lai, CS; Ng, WWY; Pan, K; Lai, LL; Zhong, C