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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Skin Lesion Diagnosis Using Convolutional Neural NetworksNunez, D; Li, Y
2014The South Asian genomeChambers, JC; Abbott, J; Zhang, W; Turro, E; Scott, WR; Tan, ST; Afzal, U; Afaq, S; Loh, M; Lehne, B; O'Reilly, P; Gaulton, KJ; Pearson, RD; Li, X; Lavery, A; Vandrovcova, J; Wass, MN; Miller, K; Sehmi, J; Oozageer, L; Kooner, IK; Al-Hussaini, A; Mills, R; Grewal, J; Panoulas, V; Lewin, AM; Northwood, K; Wander, GS; Geoghegan, F; Li, Y; Wang, J; Aitman, TJ; McCarthy, MI; Scott, J; Butcher, S; Elliott, P; Elliott, P; Elliott, P; Kooner, JS
2012The state of the market and the contrarian strategy: Evidence from China’s stock marketChen, Q; Jiang, Y; Li, Y
28-Feb-2019Stiffening and ventricular-arterial interaction in the ascending aorta using Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Ageing effects in healthy humansLi, Y; Hickson, SS; McEniery, CM; Wilkinson, IB
28-Apr-2022Strategies and performance of the CMS silicon tracker alignment during LHC Run 2Tumasyan, A; Chen, C; Cole, J; Darwish, M; Jeon, S; Khan, A; Kyberd, P; Li, Y; Reid, I; Teodorescu, L; Wang, C; Wang, S; Wang, Y; Wang, Z; Coldham, K; Yang, Y; Zhang, Y
21-Jul-2022Stromatoporoids from a Middle Devonian reef in South China and their palaeoecological implicationHuang, J; Liang, K; Wang, Y; Kershaw, S; Jeon, J; Li, Y; Qie, W
2011Structure analysis and lesion detection from retinal fundus imagesSalazar Gonzalez, Ana
2009A study of food buying behavior among Chinese childrenFan, Y; Li, Y
14-Feb-2023Supplier bottleneck and information disseminationLi, M; Li, Y; Zhang, Y
12-Dec-2022SVTON: Simplified Virtual Try-OnIslam, T; Miron, A; Liu, X; Li, Y
2010Synchronization of stochastic genetic oscillator networks with time delays and Markovian jumping parametersWang, Y; Wang, Z; Liang, J; Li, Y; Du, M
2007Towards real-time traffic sign recognition by class-specific discriminative featuresRuta, A; Li, Y; Liu, X
9-Dec-2020Towards the non-invasive determination of arterial wall distensible properties: new approach using old formulaeLi, Y; Giudici, A; Wilkinson, IB; Khir, AW
2007Traffic sign recognition using discriminative local featuresRuta, A; Li, Y; Liu, X
20-Sep-2018Uncertainty Quantification for Multivariate Eco-Hydrological Risk in the Xiangxi River within the Three Gorges Reservoir Area in ChinaFan, Y; Huang, G; Zhang, Y; Li, Y
2024UNet and Variants for Medical Image SegmentationEhab, W; Huang, L; Li, Y
2017Updating markov models to integrate cross-sectional and longitudinal studiesTucker, A; Li, Y; Garway-Heath, D
2015Updating stochastic networks to integrate cross-sectional and longitudinal studiesTucker, A; Li, Y
2018Upper Ordovician continuous lithological succession in outer-shelf facies, Yangtze Platform, South China: Facies changes and oceanographic reconstruction up to the Late Ordovician Hirnantian glaciationYu, S; Chen, Q; Kershaw, S; Li, Y; Li, C
2016Using wave intensity analysis to determine local reflection coefficient in flexible tubesLi, Y; Parker, KH; Khir, AW