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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A new hybrid algorithm for bankruptcy prediction using switching particle swarm optimization and support vector machinesLu, Y; Zeng, N; Liu, X; Yi, S
2008A niching memetic algorithm for simultaneous clustering and feature selectionSheng, W; Liu, X; Fairhurst, M
2007Noise filtering and microarray image reconstruction via chained fouriersFraser, K; Li, Y; Wang, Z; Kellam, P; Liu, X
2003Nonlinear filtering for state delayed systems with Markovian switchingWang, Z; Lam, J; Liu, X
2014Nonparallel support vector machines for pattern classificationTian, Y; Qi, Z; Ju, X; Shi, Y; Liu, X
2010A note on control of a class of discrete-time stochastic systems with distributed delays and nonlinear disturbancesWang, Z; Liu, Y; Wei, G; Liu, X
2004A note on the robust stability of uncertain stochastic fuzzy systems with time-delaysWang, Z; Ho, DWC; Liu, X
2019A novel aggregation-based dominance for Pareto-based evolutionary algorithms to configure software product linesXue, Y; Li, M; Shepperd, M; Lauria, S; Liu, X
2018Novel approaches for risk management of legionella bacteria in domestic water systemsPeter, Aji
2013A novel neural network approach to cDNA microarray image segmentationWang, Z; Zineddin, B; Liang, J; Zeng, N; Li, Y; Du, M; Cao, J; Liu, X
2016Novel particle swarm optimization algorithms with applications in power systemsRahman, Izaz Ur
Sep-2018A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Patient Clustering from Emergency DepartmentsLiu, W; Wang, Z; Liu, X; Zeng, N; Bell, D
2003Obtaining quality microarray data via image reconstructionO'Neill, P; Magoulas, G; Liu, X
2008On delayed genetic regulatory networks with polytopic uncertainties: Robust stability analysisWang, Z; Gao, H; Cao, J; Liu, X
2003On designing H∞ filters with circular pole and error variance constraintsWang, Z; Liu, X
2005On global asymptotic stability of neural networks with discrete and distributed delaysWang, Z; Liu, Y; Liu, X
2010On passivity and passification of stochastic fuzzy systems with delays: The discrete-time caseLiang, J; Wang, Z; Liu, X
2010On passivity and passification of stochastic fuzzy systems with delays: The discrete-time caseLiang, J; Wang, Z; Liu, X
2002Openness and efficiency of India and China relative to the world economy: a comparative study.Liu, GS; Liu, X; Wei, Y
2011Optic disc segmentation by incorporating blood vessel compensationSalazar-Gonzalez, AG; Li, Y; Liu, X