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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017New Blood Pressure-Associated Loci Identified in Meta-Analyses of 475 000 Individuals.Kraja, AT; Cook, JP; Warren, HR; Surendran, P; Liu, C, et al
2010A note on control of a class of discrete-time stochastic systems with distributed delays and nonlinear disturbancesWang, Z; Liu, Y; Wei, G; Liu, X
2017A Novel Demand Transition Procedure for Outage Risk Reduction in Distribution NetworksLiu, J; Liu, Y; Taylor, GA
2010Observation of long-range, near-side angular correlations in proton-proton collisions at the LHCKhachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Bergauer, T, et al
2005On global asymptotic stability of neural networks with discrete and distributed delaysWang, Z; Liu, Y; Liu, X
2013An ontology enhanced parallel SVM for scalable spam filter trainingCaruana, G; Li, M; Liu, Y
2016The Parallelization of Back Propagation Neural Network in MapReduce and SparkLiu, Y; Xu, L; Li, M
2015PARP14 promotes the warburg effect in hepatocellular carcinoma by inhibiting JNK1-dependent PKM2 phosphorylation and activationIansante, V; Choy, PM; Fung, SW; Liu, Y; Chai, J-G, et al
2014Performance analysis with network-enhanced complexities: On fading measurements, event-triggered mechanisms, and cyber attacksDing, D; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Liu, Y; Ahmad, B
2017The plastic behavior of sandwich beams with core gradationJiang, WZ; Liu, Y; Wang, B
2017Power system transmission line fault diagnosis based on combined data analyticsWu, H; Liu, J; Liu, Y; Qiu, G; Taylor, GA
2017Protein-altering Variants Associated with Body Mass Index Implicate Pathways that Control Energy Intake and Expenditure in ObesityTurcot, V; Lu, Y; Highland, HM; Schurmann, C; Justice, AE, et al
2011Recent advances on filtering and control for nonlinear stochastic complex systems with incomplete information: A surveyShen, B; Wang, Z; Liang, J; Liu, Y
2011Reliable H∞ filtering for discrete time-delay systems with randomly occurred nonlinearities via delay-partitioning methodLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Wang, W
2015A Resource Aware MapReduce Based Parallel SVM for Large Scale Image ClassificationsGuo, W; Alham, NK; Liu, Y; Li, M; Qi, M
2009Robust H∞ control for a class of nonlinear discrete time-delay stochastic systems with missing measurementsWang, Z; Ho, DWC; Liu, Y; Liu, X
2007Robust H∞ control for a class of nonlinear stochastic systems with mixed time delayLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Liu, X
2008Robust H∞ filtering for discrete nonlinear stochastic systems with time-varying delayLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Liu, X
2008Robust synchronization of an array of coupled stochastic discrete-time delayed neural networksLiang, J; Wang, Z; Liu, Y; Liu, X
2014Robust Η∞Control for a Class of Discrete Time-Delay Stochastic Systems with Randomly Occurring NonlinearitiesWang, Y; Alsaadi, FE; Lauria, S; Liu, Y