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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Apr-2020The Future of Businesses Reporting: Learning from Financial and COVID-19 CrisesHassan, A; Nandy, M; Roberts, L; Elamer, AA; Lodh, S
20-May-2021The Future of Non-Financial Businesses Reporting: Learning from the Covid-19 PandemicHassan, A; Elamer, A; Lodh, S; Roberts, L; Nandy, M
14-Apr-2021The Future of Non-Financial Businesses Reporting: Learning from the Covid-19 PandemicHassan, A; Elamer, AA; Lodh, S; Roberts, L; Nandy, M
24-Apr-2021How does culture impinge upon managers’ demeanor of earnings management? Evidence from cross-country analysisNandy, M; Lodh, S; Chaney, PK
2018How has the global financial crisis affected syndicated loan terms in emerging markets? Evidence from ChinaCaporale, GM; Lodh, S; Nandy, M
11-Oct-2023Impact of Audit Quality and Climate Change Reporting on Corporate Performance: A Review and Future Research AgendaAlaamri, Y; Hussainey, K; Nandy, M; Lodh, S
13-Oct-2020Impact of Directors’ Networks on Corporate Social Responsibility: A Cross Country StudyNandy, M; Lodh, S; Kaur, J; Wang, J
2018Impact of Director’s Network on Corporate Social ResponsibilityNandy, M; Lodh, S; Kaur, J
Aug-2017The Impact of International Financial Reporting Standards adoption on Earnings Management: Evidence from EU countriesLodh, S; Nandy, M
2015Impact of mergers and acquisitions on types of earnings management during crisis: A study on Chinese listed firmsLodh, S; Nandy, M
3-Jan-2019Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Types of Earnings Management during Crisis: A study on Chinese Listed FirmsLodh, S; Nandy, M
30-May-2022Influence of governance bundles and directors’ social capital on cash holding in foreign cross-listed firmsLodh, S; Nandy, M; Kaur, J
-Innovation and family ownership: Empirical evidence from IndiaLodh, S; Nandy, M; Chen, J
30-Nov-2023The 'Journey of a Hero' and Sustainable DevelopmentStelly, B; McCarroll, J; Nandy, M; Lodh, S
28-Sep-2020Lessons from COVID-19 and a resilience model for higher educationNandy, M; Lodh, S; Tang, A
7-Feb-2019Mandatory audit form rotation in the UKNandy, M; Lodh, S; Jarvis, R
2016Media and Earnings ManagementNandy, M; Lodh, S
1-May-2021Post-Pandemic Sustainable Business SolutionKachela, K; Lodh, S; Nandy, M
2024Relation between Environmental Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable Tourism: Current Status and Future ProspectsChakraborty, S; Nandy, M; Lodh, S; Ntim, C