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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The effects of individual differences and instructional aids on learners' disorientation, learning performance and attitudes in a hypermedia learning systemRuttun, Rishi
2008An evaluation of open source software adoption by UK SMEs in the IT industryMijinyawa, Kabiru
2017Factors influencing social media adoption in small and medium enterprises (SMEs)AL Rahbi, Hafedh Said Abdullah
2013Gender differences in navigation dialogues with computer systemsKoulouri, Theodora
2016Human centred design of software agent in social network service against privacy concernsKim, Hojung
2016The influence of visual feedback and gender dynamics on performance, perception and communication strategies in CSCWMacredie, R; Lauria, S; Koulouri, T
2005Interactive learning systems for higher education: Learning styles and students' attitudeSabry, Khaled A
2007Moving face-to-face communication to web-based systemsCoughlan, JA; Macredie, R; Patel, N
2009Positive expressive technologies for social wellnessKanis, Marije
2014A qualitative study of stakeholders' perspectives on the social network service environmentMacredie, R; Kim, H; Giacomin, J
2003The role and value of ethical frameworks in software developmentDodd, Sean
2011Visualising ergonomics data for designDong, H; Pei, E; Chen, H; Macredie, R
2002Visualizing and tracking the growth of competing paradigms: Two case studiesChen, C; Cribbin, T; Morar, S S; Macredie, R
2010Web-based interaction: A review of three important human factorsChen, SY; Macredie, R