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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Parafricta bootees and undergarments to reduce skin breakdown in people with or at risk of pressure ulcers: A NICE medical technologies guidanceMeads, C; Glover, M; Dimmock, P; Pokhrel, S
2013Physical activity in England: Who is meeting the recommended level of participation through sports and exercise?Anokye, NK; Pokhrel, S; Buxton, M; Fox-Rushby, J
2014Potential economic impacts from improving breastfeeding rates in the UKPokhrel, S; Quigley, MA; Fox-Rushby, J; McCormick, F; Williams, A; Trueman, P; Dodds, R; Renfrew, MJ
2012Preventing disease and saving resources: the potential contribution of increasing breastfeeding rates in the UKRenfrew, MJ; Pokhrel, S; Quigley, M; McCormick, F; Fox-Rushby, J; Dodds, R; Duffy, S; Trueman, P; Williams, A
2016Proceedings of patient reported outcome measure’s (PROMs) conference Sheffield 2016: Advances in patient reported outcomes researchCroudace, T; Brazier, J; Gutacker, N; Street, A; Robotham, D; Waterman, S; Rose, D; Satkunanathan, S; Wykes, T; Nasr, N; Enderby, P; Carlton, J; Rowen, D; Elliott, J; Brazier, J; Stevens, K; Basarir, H; Labeit, A; Murphy, M; Hollinghurst, S; Salisbury, C; Marley, D; Wilson, J; Barrat, A; Roy, B; Rombach, I; Burke, Ó; Jenkinson, C; Gray, A; Rivero-Arias, O; Porter, I; Gangannagaripalli, J; Bramwell, C; Valderas, JM; Holch, P; Davidson, S; Routledge, J; Henry, A; Franks, K; Gilbert, A; Absolom, K; Velikova, G; Porter, I; Valderas, JM; Boehnke, JR; Trigg, A; Howells, R; Singh, J; Pokhrel, S; Longworth, L; Potter, C; Hunter, C; Kelly, L; Gibbons, E; Forder, J; Coulter, A; Fitzpatrick, R; Peters, M
2015Quantifying the contribution of utility cycling to population levels of physical activity: An analysis of the Active People SurveyStewart, G; Anokye, NK; Pokhrel, S
2016Quantifying the contribution of utility cycling to population levels of physical activity: an analysis of the Active People Survey.Stewart, G; Anokye, NK; Pokhrel, S
2019Relationship between lifestyle and costs related to medicine use in adultsFernanades, RA; Mantovani, AM; Codnogo, JS; Turi-Lynch, BC; Pokhrel, S; Anokye, N
2015Return on investment (ROI) modelling in public health: strengths and limitations.Pokhrel, S
2014Rolling out ROI toolsPokhrel, S
2006Scaling up health interventions in resource-poor countries: What role does research in stated-preference framework play?Pokhrel, S
2010The selection of an appropriate count data model for modelling health insurance and health care demand: Case of IndonesiaHidayat, B; Pokhrel, S
2016Similarities and differences between stakeholders' opinions on using Health Technology Assessment (HTA) information across five European countries: results from the EQUIPT surveyVoko, Z; Cheung, KL; Józwiak-Hagymásy, J; Wolfenstetter, S; Jones, T; Munoz, C; Evers, SMAA; Hiligsmann, M; de Vries, H; Pokhrel, S
2012Smoking and health-related quality of life in English general population: Implications for economic evaluationsVogl, M; Wenig, CM; Leidl, R; Pokhrel, S
2010Social sciences research in neglected tropical diseases 1: The ongoing neglect in the neglected tropical diseasesAllotey, P; Reidpath, DD; Pokhrel, S
2011Social sciences research in neglected tropical diseases 2: A bibliographic analysisReidpath, DD; Allotey, P; Pokhrel, S
2011Social sciences research in neglected tropical diseases 3: Investment in social science research in neglected diseases of poverty: a case study of Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationPokhrel, S; Reidpath, DD; Allotey, P
2008Step-wedge cluster-randomised community-based trials: An application to the study of the impact of community health insuranceDe Allegri, M; Pokhrel, S; Becher, H; Dong, H; Mansmann, U; Kouyaté, B; Kynast-Wolf, G; Gbangou, A; Sanon, M; Bridger, JM; Sauerborn, R
2018Understanding perceived availability and importance of tobacco control interventions to inform European adoption of a UK economic model: a cross-sectional studyKalo, Z; West, R; Cheung, KL; Evers, S; Voko, Z; Hiligsmann, M; De Vries, H; Owen, L; Trapero-Bertran, M; Leidl, R; Pokhrel, S
2016Understanding the stakeholders’ intention to use economic decision-support tools: A cross-sectional study with the Tobacco Return on Investment toolCheung, KL; Evers, SMAA; Hiligsmann, M; Voko, K; Pokhrel, S; Jones, T; Munoz, C; Wolfenstetter, SB; Józwiak-Hagymásy, J; de Vries, H