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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jan-2023Board gender diversity and ESG decoupling: Does religiosity matter?Eliwa, Y; Aboud, A; Saleh, A
1-Sep-2016Corruption and economic growth: An econometric survey of the evidenceCampos, NF; Dimova, R; Saleh, A
26-Aug-2023Does mandating ESG reporting reduce ESG Decoupling? Evidence from the European Union’s Directive 2014/95Aboud, A; Saleh, A; Eliwa, Y
7-Aug-2019ESG practices and the cost of debt: Evidence from EU countriesEliwa, Y; Aboud, A; Saleh, A
19-Jan-2022IFRS 8 and the cost of capital in EuropeSaleh, A; Aboud, A; Eliwa, Y
1-Mar-2017The impact of online corporate reporting quality on analyst following and properties of their EPS forecastsSaleh, A; Roberts, C