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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2018Lentivector Producer Cell Lines with Stably Expressed Vesiculovirus EnvelopesTijani, M; Munis, AM; Perry, C; Sanber, K; Ferraresso, M; Mukhopadhyay, T; Themis, M; Nisoli, I; Mattiuzzo, G; Collins, MK; Takeuchi, Y
1-Oct-2021Lentivirus tethering to the genome is associated with transcription factor binding sites that favour virus survivalSuleman, S; Payne, A; Bowden, J; Al Haque, S; Zhan, M; Fawaz, S; Khalifa, M; Franco, M; Fronza, R; Wang, W; Strobel-Freidekind, O; Diechmann, A; Takeuchi, Y; Waddington, S; Gil-Farina, I; Schmidt, M; Themis, M