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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2022AE energy evolution during CJB fracture affected by rock heterogeneity and column irregularity under lateral pressureGong, B; Wang, Y; Zhao, T; Tang, C; Yang, X; Chen, T
20-Jul-2014Displacement back analysis for a high slope of the dagangshan hydroelectric power station based on BP neural network and particle swarm optimizationLiang, Z; Gong, B; Tang, C; Zhang, Y; Ma, T
2008Fmoc-Diphenylalanine self assembles to a hydrogel via a novel architecture based on  interlocked beta-sheetsSmith, AM; Williams, RJ; Tang, C; Coppo, P; Collins, RF; Turner, ML; Saiani, A; Ulijn, RV
15-Aug-2022Numerical investigation on anisotropy and shape effect of mechanical properties of columnar jointed basalts containing transverse jointsWang, Y; Gong, B; Tang, C
8-Dec-2021Numerical Investigation on Fracture Mechanisms and Energy Evolution Characteristics of Columnar Jointed Basalts With Different Model Boundaries and Confining PressuresWang, Y; Gong, B; Tang, C
24-Dec-2021Numerical study on size effect and anisotropy of columnar jointed basalts under uniaxial compressionWang, Y; Gong, B; Tang, C; Zhao, T
17-Jul-2021Study of the slope deformation characteristics and landslide mechanisms under alternating excavation and rainfall disturbanceYu, X; Gong, B; Tang, C
6-Jan-2022Study on the non-linear deformation and failure characteristics of EPS concrete based on CT-scanned structure modelling and cloud computingFeng, X; Gong, B; Tang, C; Zhao, T