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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Grid flexibility by electrifying energy systems for sustainable aviationGuo, Zekun
2017Guest Editorial High Performance Computing (HPC) Applications for a More Resilient and Efficient Power GridHuang, ZH; Tate, Z; Abhyankar, S; Dong, Z; Khaitan, S; Min, L; Taylor, G
2016High-performance predictor for critical unstable generators based on scalable parallelized neural networksLiu, Y; Liu, Y; Liu, J; Li, M; Ma, Z; Taylor, G
2017Hybrid control schemes for permanent magnet synchronous generator wind turbinesAl-Toma, Ahmed Selman Hadi
2012Hybrid mutation particle swarm optimisation method for available transfer capability enhancementFarahmand, H; Rashidinejad, M; Gharaveisi, A; Irving, M; Taylor, G
2017Impact of hybrid distributed generation allocation on short circuit currents in distribution systemsAfifi, Sara Nader
1-Oct-2017Improving actionable observability of large distribution networks for transmission operators to support improved system control, fault detection and mitigationShand, C; Taylor, G; Stewart, E; Roberts, C; Mcmorran, A; Mohapatra, P
2018Investigating data standardisation and modelling challenges to enable advanced power systems analysisShand, Corinne Margaret
2016A MapReduce Based High Performance Neural Network in Enabling Fast Stability Assessment of Power SystemsLiu, Y; Liu, J; Li, M; Liu, T; Taylor, G; Zuo, K
2018Multi agent system framework for demand response management in distribution networksDavarzani, Sima
2014Multi particle swarm optimisation algorithm applied to power supervisory power control systemsSallama, Abdulhafid Faraj
5-Oct-2023Multi-Objective Optimization for Solar-Hydrogen-Battery-Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Energy ExchangeDuan, L; Guo, Z; Taylor, G; Lai, CS
30-Aug-2022A Novel Blockchain Based Approach to Exchanging Information and Data in Power SystemsAmjad, M; Taylor, G; Lai, CS; Huang, Z; Li, M
2023Novel information and data exchange within power systems using enhanced blockchain technologiesAmjad, Mubashar
Aug-2017A Novel Pair-wise Relative Energy Function for Transient Stability Analysis and Real-time Emergency ControlTaylor, G
2014A novel policy making proposition for EV charging infrastructure management at HEI'sBhavanam, YR; Berresford, P; Taylor, G; Langsman, J
2013Oligopolistic and oligopsonistic bilateral electricity market modeling using hierarchical conjectural variation equilibrium methodAlikhanzadeh, Amir Hessam
30-Aug-2023Optimal Energy Exchange of Two Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Solar-Hydrogen-Battery Storage SystemsDuan, L; Lai, CS; Taylor, G; Zhang, X
2022Optimisation of a water company’s waste pumping asset base with a focus on energy reductionGray, Alex
15-Mar-2023Performance Optimization of a Blockchain-Enabled Information and Data Exchange Platform for Smart GridsAmjad, M; Taylor, G; Huang, Z; Li, M; Lai, CS